My Kingdom for a Horse

My slightly late answers to this week’s Friday Five.
  • Is your character participating in the Tourney? (If no, are you doing it OOC?)
Most definately. Erinys didn’t expect to like it, let alone enjoy it. Too much sawdust and sweat for her liking, yet once she found herself saddled up with a lance in hand it was suprisingly good fun. Besides, secretly after years of war, she has found a sudden and slightly uncomfortable lust for blood lurks inside her. The tournament provides a safe and fairly harmless way to relieve that aggression.
  • If asked “What is your home city”, how would your character respond?  If the answer is not their “Faction Capitol” – why not?
Darnassus. Whilst Erinys doesn’t always agree with every decree and decision coming out of Darnassus, heritage and home are important to her. Sure, she spent many a happy day hanging out in both Stormwind and Ironforge, but she just doesn’t feel she belongs there. Even after many years of fighting for the Alliance, there is something alien about those cities, especially Ironforge. Erinys prefers outdoors and open spaces, to her Ironforge is claustrophobic. Stormwind on the other hand is too bustling, too full of humans running about their business.
  • There are rumors in Dalaran that a Dwarven Expedition has unearthed an Old God – how will your character react?
Excitement tinged with fear. Having fought her way through the tunnels and passageways of the Ahn’Qiraj, hearing all the while “your friends will abandon you” and “your courage will fail” whispering on the desert winds and stared an Old God in the eye, she is afraid. Yet, there is always that frisson of excitement, somewhere new to explore, perhaps new books to pour over, new things to learn. Besides, how many people actually get to meet two Gods in their lifetime? even if they end up killing them.
  • Does your character side more with Varian/Garrosh, or with Thrall/Jaina?
Thrall/Jaina. Whilst bloodshed bothers her less each passing day, she is still practical. Too much blood has already been shed on the shores of Northrend and there are greater, more dangerous enemies to be bested rather than wasting resources and troops on each other. After all that is a war neither side will ever win. Besides having spent time in Theramore as well as fighting in the past alongside Jaina at Mount Hyjal, she respects Jaina’s opinions far more than this hotheaded human who is allowing his desire for revenge to formulate his policies.
  • Meta Question: Are there things you do with your character that are OOC, but have IC rewards? (Reputation for a Faction Item, farming for a non-combat pet, or Dailies/Quests for a title like Loremaster, for example?)  Do you have an IC explanation?
Yes. For someone who professes to be a lover not a fighter, Erinys does a rather large amount of slaughtering for financial reward, as well as wiping out whole populations of baby dragons in search of finding her very own, or not only turning a blind eye to the Oracles egg stealing business, but even purchasing from them. As for an IC explanation, Erinys prefers to believe that sometimes in order to do the right thing, you have to stretch the boundaries of what you are comfortable with. In order to fight the good fight in Ulduar, she needs gold. Potions and repairs do not come cheap and sometimes you have to take whatever work you can find on the side. Although there is no excuse for the eggstealing… that was just a moment of moral weakness brought on by the desire for something shiny and new in a world of blood and pain.

All this talk of jousting makes me want to go and watch Camelot now.


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