Easy egg hunting in Terokkar Forest

Here is my gathermate map showing all the egg spawns in Terokkar forest.


There are a few more around the edge of Shattrah that don’t show up on that map, but if you include flying along the city wall they should be easily spottable.


  • You get to use your epic flying mount.
  • There are no annoying people dressed as bunnies zooming around
  • Its pretty quiet


  • The seeds under the trees do look fairly similiar from the air
  • You are PvP enabled and thus can be ganked by enemy egg hunters
  • The eggs are much more spread out in Terokkar requiring more travel

In conclusion having checked out Azuremyst and Goldshire as well, its definately my favourite egg hunting zone.

Edit: Whilst this was great for 2009, in 2010 there are no eggs in Terokkar.

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