Its a hard knock life

From browsing around I’ve noticed a certain amount of panic about how squishy non pvpers are meant to achieve The School of Hard Knocks. So being a practical little priest with 100 resilience max I thought I would share my tips for completing this.

1. Capture a Flag in Eye of the Storm: There are two possible practical approaches to this one and they both require friends. However its likely that most of your guildmates will want this too, so teaming up helps both of you. They get healing, you get flagrunning opportunitys so its a win/win.

A. Get a guild premade going. The main aim would naturally be to capture the flag, but extra honor/tokens would be the icing on the cake.

B. My prefered option however is to enter with a friend. In my case a prot warrior with a stupid amount of health who makes an excellent flag carrier. He collects the flag from the centre and proceeds to the tower of your choice where he drops the flag before handing in, you pick it up and cross the line. Anyone with PvP gear or tanking gear would work.

Alternatively you could just try at quiet times, late at night/early in the morning, when if you are lucky the opposing side in your battlegroup are outnumbered.

Assault a flag in Arathi Basin: This to my mind is the easiest of all. Enter Arathi Basin, make sure your orphan is shortcutted on your interface and mount up. If alliance you want to head for either the stables or the lumber mill, horde the farm or the blacksmith. Before the gates open pick your destination and ride. It might take you a few games to get the feel for which side tends to go where first so you can plan accordingly.

Assault a tower in Alterac Valley: This again will require teammates and a bit of planning with the exact circumstances depending on how your battlegroup play AV. My personal prefered towers will be the base ones, if you head there as soon as the gates start its unlikely you will face many of the opposing side. Tag quickly and either /afk if you are there simply for the achievement or hope you get more company if you plan on hanging around.

Return a Flag in WSG: Stay on defense and spam click whenever an enemy flag carrier goes down. This is probably going to be hardest as everyone will be diving for that flag.

All in all, all 4 will be done easiest in groups/premades but regardless of your gear they shouldn’t be that hard to do.


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