Pretty in pictures

This week in pictures (yep, any excuse to post pictures!)

weekinpictures11Even whilst herb gathering in the Hinterlands, its surprising what catchs your eye.

weekinpictures01The view from above Ulduar on a Wednesday just before raid time.

weekinpictures10Us preparing to repay Hodir for all that helm polishing, spear thrusting and other such tasteless, tacky and menial tasks his sons made us do for gold and shoulder enchants.

weekinpictures02It seems even ogres have toys

weekinpictures08My little pink bunny following the call of the wild and bouncing all the way across the desert to Un’goro.

weekinpictures04What happens when all the melee decide to pull everything in Freya’s zone at once, two little priesties taking dirtnaps. I do rather like the way that my mace is trying to eat his tail though.

weekinpictures09Finally, me and the gnomeling nested up a tree in Un’goro. Wish the pet bunny from Noblegarden was pink with white spots, so much more exciting than brown and white.


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