What a way to make a livin’

It really hasn’t been Teasel’s week.

First there was the crash course in flying dodgy planes held together with duct tape and milled dead nettle.


Then Cilantro suggested a relaxing week in Grizzly Hills would help take their minds off the unfortunate events at the Wrathgate. A spot of camping, a bit of bear hunting and a swim every morning in clear fresh river waters… clear the cobwebs away so to speak.


Here she is sneaking up on Cilantro ready for a morning snack.

Sadly the wildlife had other ideas. Cementing Teasel’s loathing of both the great outdoors and all people who dress in lumberjack shirts, a minor bite turned septic. Even now cured, the sight of the moon still makes her feel distinctly wolfish.

The orders sending her to Zul’Drak seemed like a welcome rescue. After all, how could things possibly get any worse? It turned out things could indeed get much much worse, transformed into a ghoul albeit temporarily having to eat bowels and brains is no life for a warlock.


The fact that no one thought a ghoul with a pet demon was at all odd says a lot about the quality of the enemy.

She can’t help but think its time to reevaluate her long term goals. Maybe bar work or a fruit vendor somewhere safe like Ironforge.

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