This sounds so horribly ungrateful but

I hate the new Alliance bear forms. The yellow glowing eyes give a slightly rabid look and I loathe the brightly coloured sideburns. I don’t want to look like some weird experimental cross between Elvis and a polar bear.


My biggest issue however is, what if I really like a certain cat form but loathe its corresponding bearform. Am I going to have a pick an acceptable middle ground that I’m not too keen on but at least I don’t get embarressed about having to go bear/cat. Then there is hair colour. My little druid still has the hair colour she was made with, it goes part way to defining her and looking at these pictures I feel shes going to have to hit the hair dye.

briarrose01As you can see from this picture of her taken one frosty morning in the Borean Tundra her hair colour is probably best described as teal. Its a colour I happen to like a lot and one she’s been happy with for the last three years. However looking at the picture above, I can’t help but think the one on the bottom left is likely to be what she will morph into and its my least favourite of the lot. If I had to pick one, it would be the bottom right so already I have a dilemma and we haven’t even seen the cat form ones yet.

Looks like my dual spec will be boomkin/resto.

Edit: The boyfriend thinks she will be the bottom right so all whine is temporarily suspended til the cat ones are released.

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