Random thoughts are random

I haven’t written much recently. Its not that I’m not playing much because I am. Its just that the Ulduar Hardmodes are taking up most of my time and leaving me feeling pretty jaded. Plus there isn’t much of interest to write about relating to them. I could do tactic posts, but for a lot of content what works for us (winging it) wouldn’t necessarily work for other raid groups nor it is necessarily the easiest or simplest way to do it.

So some random observations from my last week or two of playing.

Teasel got to 80. DPSing is harder than healing. Or at least they are two completely different mindsets and in my first raid (albeit far from hit capped as I wasn’t intending doing anything PvE wise for another week or two) I found it far harder than I expected to do decent damage. My PvP gear on the other hand is coming on in leaps and bounds, helped no doubt by the fact that slaughtering people in PvP is far easier than sustaining dps in raid instances whilst wearing PvP gear.

In Ulduar we are working on General Vezax hardmode. As a primarily Holy Priest this fight is not fun on normal so the Hardmode makes me want to curl up in a little ball going “la la la la” til the big evil bug thing goes away. On Sunday I’m going to try a slightly weird disc spec purely for the fight so I’ll do a post about that. Fingers crossed it works the way I want it to.

Having done Thorim Hardmode, if Sif was that annoying in person, bouncing around blinking, frost novaing and aoeing people I’m not at all surprised that someone killed her. In fact I might do Halls of Lightning this week and buy Loken a cold beer. Also I get how Thorim can see the illusion of his dead wife whispering stuff in his ear, but how come we can see and more importantly feel her too.

Altwise, my hunter (attempt number 7 at leveling a hunter) reached level 11 and got a pet. I picked up a strand crawler crab thing which is currently nameless. The boyfriend’s attempts at helping on the naming front have been less than helpful, he thinks calling it “STD” would be both amusing and original.

I’m trying to decide which alt to transfer over next, its roughly a toss up between my shaman and my druid but I can’t quite make up my mind. Pink kittens versus ghost wolves…. hmmm.

On a brighter note, when leveling herbalism in Azshara I noticed just how pretty it was early in the morning. I’ve always felt that this is underused zone, made even worse by the passing of time and two expansions.

AzsharaGiven that leveling requires less and less quests I really think that Blizzard need to do something about all these beautiful but empty landscapes. In the hours I spent wandering around picking flowers and taking screenshots, I didn’t see a soul. Its like having your own personal seaside garden complete with a sandy beach and lots of ivy clad architecture.


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