I’ve had several attempts at making mages in the past. My most successful attempt was an aweinspiring level 22 (I desparately wanted blink, got there and kind of lost the plot) but this time…. this time its going to be different.


Meet Nest, no of course thats not her real name. As a small child she was fond of exploring, of getting dirty, of climbing things and so her hair was often likened to a bird’s nest by her long suffering and terribly dainty mother. The name, like the engine oil and deck polish in her hair, stuck fast and Nest she became.

Coming from a family of sailors, Nest imagined a life at sea or failing that one spent cooking. Certainly nothing to do with study, with turning other living creatures into sheep or blowing them up. Magic was something that other people in far away cities had, there was sea salt in her blood not arcane power. Yet things don’t always work out the way we want to them to and it seemed the grand design had no room for Nest the sailor, only Nest the unwilling mage.


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