And The Flames Went Higher

Having proved her worth as a mighty juggler, Erinys was rewarded with the title of Flame Warden today.

flame01The slightly weird expression  on her face could be explained away by the copious amounts of alcohol she consumed on her way into Darnassus or simply by the fact she is on fire.

I have to admit the Fire Festival is one of my favourites.

Trashy rewards that clog up your bag space – check

An excuse to run around the Old World – check

Silly dailies that don’t require mass murder or jousting – check

I am however still a little unsure of the details. According to Blizzard, “brilliant bonfires have been lit to signify the hottest months of the year.” Fine, that makes sense in places like Tanaris, Stranglethorn Vale and the like. Deserts where the heat of the sun makes everyone seek shelter and humid sweltering jungles. But Winterspring and Northrend? The snows are not melting, the temperatures are still icy cold so why are we dancing around bonfires?

flame03Then in places like Duskwood, where the dead walk and worgen lurk within the woods why are a bunch of revellers taking the time to hang out next to a ruined cottage looking after a fire that brings no one any warmth? Of course even the hardest of heroes need some chill out time and who can resist toasted smorcs and midsummer sausages wrapped within a fire roasted bun as you sit around a fire watching the sun set. Yet, I have doubts still.

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