Redridge Blues


After my very first character, I tended to stay clear of  leveling through Redridge. The ground looked too parched, too red. Orcs and weird doglike people lurked in the hills beyond the safety of the town itself… in short an ugly zone best avoided. Then wanting a change of scene the Gnomeling dragged me to Lakeshire, a  vacation of sorts. Whilst traversing the lake in search of snouts, I noticed for the first time just how pretty it looks in summertime.

Still hate the zone though. Seriously we got ganked three times whilst trying to do an escort quest by three separate and completely random Horde. Guess the opposing faction also like its crystal blue waters, maybe the Orcs are running a spa or something. What was so frustrating about the whole thing was the first time we actually managed to kill the lame little mage (first attacker), but not before he slaughtered our poor injured soldier inches from the safety of the town. This game would be so much better if escorted NPCs could actually move faster than snails.


3 Responses

  1. Ah, yes, the joy of escort quests. I particularly like the way the NPCs run *straight for* the nearest enemy (who is generally minding his own business, getting on with being a pirate or a pig or whatever), starts laying into it with fists or knife or other woefully inadequate weapon *and then has the gall* to start shrieking “help help! I’m being attacked.”

    And don’t get me started on that noob Thrall in Caverns of Time 🙂

  2. Think the worst has to be that turtle in Tanaris. Not only do you have to travel across most of Tanaris, a brave feat on a PvP server at the best of times, but he dawdles so slowly you could have completed four other quests in the meantime.

  3. It isn’t so much that they move slowly, but that you KNOW they can run faster. You know this because if you get into a fight, they come running up to assist you… and when the fight is over, go running back to their original position at full speed! Only to start plodding forward again at the pace of a 90-year-old using a walker.

    STOP RUNNING BACK just so you can walk forward again! And stop pretending you can’t move any faster, I just saw you run! ARRRGH!

    Can you tell this has been bothering me for some time? 🙂

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