Does everyone have a go to alt? The character you reroll without fail on every server you play on. The Gnomeling tends to fall back to warriors or druids (3 warriors and 3 druids all level 60 and above) and I’m drawn to hunters, partly I suspect because I’m a sucker for the pet aspect.

So I’m currently trying to level hunter number 9ish. Every server I’ve ever played on has some low level hunter discarded and strewn across it but this time its actually going to go somewhere (somewhere ideally being the level cap). The gnomeling is leveling  a paladin and the two seem to work well together. Judgement of Light with the odd mend pet thrown in is enough to keep my little wolf alive. We both have some aoe abilities as well as the ability to pull aggro to share the load in sticky situations (distracting shot, 2 paladin taunts and my pet’s growl) plus plenty of cc in the form of freezing & frost traps and hammer of justice.

I’m leveling as marksman simply because I’ve tried leveling as the other two specs whilst playing with my previous hunter incarnations and I wanted to try something new. As for pets, my first choice was a wolf. In fact I ran all the way to Mulgore at level 10 to grab a prairie wolf (the one who barks when you click on him which is surprisingly addictive). Furious howl seems to be a fairly large boost to dps even at low levels plus I’ve always been drawn to wolves.


However I picked up a bear to help with tanking/aoeing and grinding packs is certainly going well at the moment. Its hard to practise learning basic hunter skills though when mobs in the world are so easily breezed through. When you combine the fire festival buffs with the BoA shoulders and weapon, the combination of ret paladin and hunter seems fairly unstoppable (apart from by all the level 80 horde riding around stealing flames… grrr). So we ventured into the Stockades at lv 22 to see how we would fair in there. Apart from some sticky bad pulls and trap resists we managed to clear the instance even killing Basil.

Things I want to practise:

1. Kiting. This used to be a crucial part of being a hunter. Think of fights like Razorgore (all our hunters used to feign death when the raidleader was asking for kiting volunteers), Gluth and of course the quest for the epic bow which all hunters should do. But when its easiest to learn, i.e. as you level, whats the point of jump kiting when you can two shot stuff?

2. Pet management. Making sure he’s building threat on multiple mobs and that he doesn’t have his back to any of them can be frustating.

3. Remembering to use everything in PvP. For example I use disengage all the time if I pull aggro whilst grinding yet I have to think about it when fighting melee.

Looking forward to the first Alterac Valley bracket as its a great playground for learning to play a class properly. You have PvE encounters so you need to watch your threat as a dpser, or produce threat if you are tanking. You have lots of players to kite around and kill. There are the mines full of annoying little kobolds or the harpy cave to practise pet management. In short, everything a budding hunter needs to explore their class whilst having lots of fun.

2 Responses

  1. I started a hunter because I was watching Big Red Kitty’s training videos but then he stopped.

    I was doing lots of practice kiting and jumping until I got to 10 and had a pet. It’s hard to be disciplined but probably worth it.

  2. Yep, I killed every mob prior to level 10 by kiting (solo levelling and no pet hurts). However the arrival of the ret paladin (sometimes he has killed stuff before I even get to it, the 15 percent movement speed seems really noticeable when you don’t have it) kinda changed that. Seem to be falling into the if it moves zerg it mentality but I need to make that practise time.

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