Screenshot Saturday

Because I have huge folders full of screenshots and partly because I’m lazy, Saturdays will be screenshot days. The basic idea is to post a random screenshot from my folders and one from the Gnomeling’s. Do we take pictures of the same things? I’m guessing not, but this one way of finding out (yes, I could just browse his folder, but this is more random and thus more exciting).

So here is my first picture:


Its my little undead priest nestling into the Gnomeling’s warrior. Tauren fur is one way to keep the chill off exposed bone and whilst its optional whether you keep it on the cow or not, they seem to prefer snuggling to skinning.

Below we see the first offering from the Gnomeling’s folder.

lazygnomeThe golden ball of light in the background is my poor long suffering paladin running his lazy leveling ass through BRD. Had I known he was semi afk in the corner taking amusing screenshots I would have run a load of constructs over his head.

2 Responses

  1. Oh Bravo.
    Excellent lighting in both.

  2. Thank you, of course its deliberate in my picture and totally by accident in the evil gnomeling’s 😛

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