Laziness and screenshots

I’ve been slacking off from writing for the past week partly due to hardmodes, (hate hate hate Freya plus 3, maybe its because half our guild are basement dwelling troglodyte’s who have this lethal fascination with feeling sunbeams on their face), partly due to my little hunter who is not so little anymore and partly because I had a migraine for three days.

Normal service will be resumed however today is screenshot day so without further ado I present the Gnomeling’s piccie.

happyhalloweenTitled “Nightelf within a pumpkin” its a moving and thought inspiring picture. Is the Nightelf being devoured by the giant squash? Who knows. Perhaps those pumpkin farmers in the Tirisfal Glades have created a weapon of war, the ultimate squash to crush the forsaken and serve them in a pie.

In comparison my picture is actually quite boring.

eekFollowing on the theme of giant and probably evil creatures I give you ….. a very scary Dwarf. Imagine encountering that on the battlefield. Being crushed behind its huge dwarfian feet or worse pick up and devoured, the very thought of it makes me shudder.

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