Through the Looking Glass


Whilst running around the Caverns of Time (it turns out those mobs still hit holy priests pretty hard) I couldn’t help but notice the various different human models in Southshore.

Why can’t we make humans who look like this? Blizzard can hardly argue evolution as Old Hillsbrad wasn’t that long ago. Yet, taking this particular picture into consideration the milkmaidesque girl would make an excellent holy priest or mage. Even the hairstyle is completely different to anything currently on offer at the character selection screen.


I would also pay good money to make my warlock look like the picture above. Wouldn’t mind the dresses either, wonder their patterns are used elsewhere in game (guess thats something to look for next time the servers are down). Given that these and other models already exist its a shame that we don’t have more choice when it comes to making our characters.


One Response

  1. Wow, they do look different.

    However, I notice robes cut to the navel and held up with string have never gone out of style…

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