Oh Undead Brother, Where art Thou!


We looked everywhere as well:

  • No Undead’s poisoning Stanley or illtreating the good farmers of Hillsbrad fields.
  • Not a single one lurking in the shadows of Nesingwary’s STV camp
  • A search of Dustwallow Marsh yielded several ret paladins and a troll mage, but not one Forsaken.

So to combat this dire situation, I decided to roll another Undead priest and I urge everyone else to do the same. Save this noble and diseased race by adding to its numbers now before its too late.

In case you need any more motivation, here are my top ten reasons why the Undead are the backbone of the Horde and quite plainly the best race out there.

  1. All the other races spawn in the open air, if not lush gardens. Undeads  awaken in a crypt. Crypts are far better conversation pieces.
  2. Gutterspeak – “evolved in the shady underground of black markets and rogues’ guilds as the tongue spoke by people of ill-repute”. Who doesn’t want to speak the language of people of ill-repute?
  3. Be the only race that doesn’t spend hours running around the Undercity totally lost (disclaimer: being undead doesn’t neccesarily mean you get a working sense of direction).
  4. Casting animations which will make you the envy of the rest of the Filthy Animal’s clientale. No having to spend a fortune on Nogginfogger for you.
  5. The Undead starter zone has some of the best quests in WoW. Who can resist the temptation to feed poisoned pumpkin to some unsuspecting prisoner.
  6. Your leader is a hawt Banshee. Compare that to every other species and then feel smug.
  7. The Forsaken are the only race who get to celebrate PvP victory by eating their enemy’s corpses. Nothing makes people release faster than having some half dead boney thing nibbling at their body. Plus cannibalize means you are never far from your next snack.
  8. The Undercity Elevators are marginally less likely to eat Forsaken. However since they are evil demonic creatures hellbent on destroying civilisation, marginal is pretty marginal.
  9. The Undead’s have the best epic mounts. Sure they will sell to any random Horde, but who knows what kind of dodgy model they hand out to someone who doesn’t speak the language of the gutters. You don’t want a skeleton horse that falls apart every five  minutes now do you?
  10. Apothecary Keever. How could anyone not want to be part of the same race as him?

undead01This beautiful specimen is my little Undead Priest. General Dornröschen. The only one of my characters to actually display a title, mainly because farming rank 12 cost blood, sweat and tears. Luckily most of them weren’t mine but its only good manners to show the title really when it cost so many so much.

Besides, Undead with bunches look so wrong in a fashion which is so right.

So come on, join the dark side today. They have mushrooms, coffins and a backbone you can hang your hat on.

(In the end my hunter joined a lv 39 WSG and found a poor unsuspecting undead warlock to pick on, but still… roll more undead people).


3 Responses

  1. I was playing my Forsaken Mage again the other day. She rocks.
    And the skeletal horse is sweet.

  2. The bunches are a particularly nice touch.

    Although my vote for Apothecary of the Year goes to Apothecary Lydon: http://www.wowwiki.com/Apothecary_Lydon

  3. As soon as I saw the bunches on Beta I was sold. They make her look sweet and innocent ish.

    All the Apothecaries are pretty awesome, but Keever has a special place in my heart since we used to run sneaky alliance raids to Undercity to kill him and end his evil experiments.

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