Springs life anew

So there we were, banging or rather knocking our heads against Freya plus three when something occurred to me. Why does Freya in the flesh so to speak bear no resemblence what so ever to her avatar? (yep, its amazing what occurs to me whilst I’m face down in a garden). Freya herself always reminds me of some homicidal soccer mom in a twinset and pearls.

The Avatar of Freya on the other hand is a completely different ball game.

freya01I would love to be able to make a character who looks like that. Raw, powerful and sexy despite being green. Although I suppose if I looked the Freya throwing plants around Ulduar, I would prefer to manifest myself as something a little more interesting.

Edit: Just after I finished this, I was flicking through my blogroll trying to find a way to stay awake to raid time and I found this. I agree completely, I love the look of the Vrykul and if I can’t have a druid that looks like the Avatar of Freya, I would settle for the rather angry lady below.

vrykul01Strong looking women who look like they could actually lift most of the two handed weapons ingame appeal more to me than most of the female characters currently available. Plus I love exploring their houses, how can we slaughter a race that has so many books scatttered around their dwellings and makes wholesome carrot stews. Its time the humans return to their roots and embrace the nearest Vrykul.

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  1. I totally agree with you. Ever since I saw the vrykul I have loved them, and have been dying to find ways to play my vrykul hunter Ylwa Kvalheim in game for ages.

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