Poisoned Chalice

When the patch was released one of the things I was most excited about was experience from battlegrounds. Finally an alternative to grinding the same quests/mobs. So after raid on Wednesday, I logged my hunter who was half way through lv 79 (I hate Icecrown so had got stuck) and rushed off to Alterac Valley. My first thought was how awesome is this, 20k per tower, 20k for Galvanger as I powered my way through level doing the stuff I enjoy. However shortly after hitting 80 myself I realised something. AV in my battlegroup at least is now full of people in the 71-76 level range. Now I don’t blame them, personally I would much rather pvp my way to the level cap on alts, picking up resilience gear as I go but its impacting on AV in a number of ways.

  1. From my perspective at least as a hunter, AV now feels a bit like bullying. I wouldn’t dismount in Northrend to kill a lv 71 questing yet I’m chasing them half way across AV (you get sweet crits though <3).
  2. By defending our bunkers the way I’ve always done, we are stopping people from gaining experience which feels a little like griefing. In one of my last games last night, a little bloodelf paladin ended up /crying at me when I took back Stonehearth Bunker for the 11th time. Yes, we would have won even if I let him have the bunker but it felt a bit like I just killed his robo chicken escort quest just seconds away from the hand in point.
  3. The games have doubled in length primarily because instead of being a team of 95 percent 80s, 5 percent everything else. We seem to be looking at 50/50 if not more in favour of the low levels. Now the PvE aspect of the game becomes much harder when half your team can’t hit Drek.

I really think a small change to the Alterac Valley brackets would improve game play for everyone. Make it 71-79 and add a separate bracket for 80 just like they have for the Isle of Conquest. That way everyone can have fun playing against semi equal opponents. I don’t enter battlegrounds to 2 shot clothies, if I wanted to do that I’d be lurking in the Borean Tundra looking for baby questers minding their own business. Its just too extreme to mix people in 213  plus epics with people wearing 138 item lev greens.


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