Of hatchlings, Ironbound and Oracle

Minor bragging first of all.

Our dpsers stopped taking a bath in the water bomb and we got Firefighter down which led to this:


A bit of whining. Its impossible to get an instance for any Vanilla content at the moment, even at 3.45am so my planed post on another of my favourite old world instances will have to wait until they either upgrade their servers or kick some Horde off it.

Finally, what is it with people sending dragons and orphans through the mail service. Perhaps more importantly which is worse? cramming a small scared but curious orphan into a padded envelope or squishing up a rather large and fire breathing dragon into one. I’m tending toward the orphan because we already know Brann is slightly crazy but what on earth was the matron thinking.

Oh and Oracle hatchling > all. Even though he has fangs, what looks like someone else’s bones as a facial decoration and a tendency to eat bugs between meals.

One Response

  1. Congratulations!

    The instance-server issue – which was supposedly fixed in the patch – is worse than ever over on ED EU. It’s chipping away at my soul bit by bit.

    Orphans through the mail is, indeed, a sad state of affairs. Poor little tykes. It’s a scathing indictment of the Azerothian social services. I bet nobody would do that to a youngling with parents.

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