10 reasons why I love Brewfest

1. Mini Pets. Vampire rabbits with twiglets and pink pachyderms are some of the cutest festival pets out there.

2. The Food. Who can resist sausages, spiced onion cheese and pretzels washed down with icy cold beer.

3. Ram Racing. Please Blizzard can we get some form of temporary speed boost in Cataclysm. I find it rather addictive and keep getting into races with passing strangers.

4. Dwarfen Angels. My Bubbling Brightbrew charm summons the best kind of angel, one who throws you beer.

Drunken Angels

Drunken Angels

5. Kodo/ram acquiring. Although I’m wondering if the drop rate was increased a little too much this year as every second player in Ironforge, my hunter included seems to be riding around on a kodo.

6. The clothes. I spent a lot of my childhood holidays in Bavaria and as a result have a thing about dirndl’s. This seems to have spilled over into the game.

Brewfest dancing in the Beer garden

Brewfest dancing in the Beer garden

7. It gives a reason to visit the Grim Guzzler, the best drinking establishment in Azeroth.

8. The goggles that turn everyone into female orcs/male gnomes. Ok, I could use them all year around but I tend to forget about them the rest of the year. Nothing helps you win raid encounters than the sight of fearsome bosses running around as semi naked gnomes in chain mail underpants.

Not so stern now Mr Horde Faction Champion

Not so stern now Mr Horde Faction Champion

9. The bubbles on this year’s Brewfest signs. Power word: shield or Divine Aegis need a similar graphic adding on. Lots of pretty little bubbles circling the larger one.

10. Buying cheese from Anne Summers makes me smile and not for any possible Buffy reference. Although you might have to live in the UK to understand why.

One thing that bugs me however is why do all 10 races, coming from a variety of cultural backgrounds and in the case of some different worlds, celebrate the same festivals in exactly the same way. Why can’t we have something like “Brewfest” for the Alliance as it seems to be a very Dwarfen festival and some form of Carnival for the Horde. The principle would be similar, lots of drinking and partying but the “flavour” would be slightly different and perhaps more suited to the races involved. Dirndl’s and lederhosen aren’t what springs to mind when you think of the average troll in game after all.

To combat people whining about “they get better rewards” and so on, there could be lots of BoE items or recipes involved allowing both sides to access items through the neutral AH but it would add a little extra spice. Instead of fighting Coren Direbrew, the Horde version might involve going to Zul’farrak and dealing with some naughty party crashing rum stealing Troll who would obviously drop the same items but with more suitable names.

Profession wise, tailors would be able to make the chest pieces, perhaps in a variety of colours. Leather workers would get the footwear and possibly the hats. Maybe add an engineering recipe for the direbrew remote and add a similar version that send you to Zul’farrak. Lots of cooking recipes could be added, allowing cooks access to themed food all year around. Just a little extra to make the festivals feel a little more exciting, rather than being identical regardless of the faction you play.

Salty Cedric, Azeroth’s worse sailor

One of the things I love about Warcraft is the flavour items scattered around. Surprises hidden away in junk bags or waiting to be pick pocketed, the little things which make you smile when you discover them. Take for example the Mariner’s Log Book which can be found in the bag of fishing treasures. Its a brief and simple tale of Cedric and his misdeeds:



being samples. The reoccurring theme is one of poor drunk Cedric being disciplined.

I can’t help but wonder what happened to Cedric (most likely at the bottom of some ocean) and whether Azeroth had press gangs as he certainly doesn’t sound like a natural candidate for the naval life. Bet he would make a fun shipmate to party with though. So next time you have a shot of rum, think of Cedric and his unfortunate tendency to get caught without his clothes.

Nothing says scary like a giant gnome..


I can’t help but wonder if he actually looks more scary this way or not. It does however raise interesting questions about just what he uses to impale the tanks…. eek.

The Broodmother returns

and she seems a little past her best.

Back in Vanilla Onyxia always felt a little epic. First there was the slow and torturous journey from Ironforge, by air, by sea and then finally the long ride around Dustwallow. Then the trash, in which at least 5 melee would sacrifice themselves to the fickle Gods of Loot before finally the swift buffing up and the whining about the lack of Dwarf priests by the Maintank.

Now its portal Theramore from whichever spot your raid happens to be in (obviously this is only the case if you rolled the the correct side:p). Pop path of frost and saunter across the bay, zerg trash and go “Oh, doesn’t she look smaller”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hung up on the glory days of Vanilla WoW at all. The game should evolve and change, and no, taking 15 minutes to get there didn’t add anything particularly awesome to the encounter but she’s a watered down version of her old self.

A few simple fixes would help make the encounter a little more exciting without making it impossible to anyone but the most hardcore of dragon killers.

  • She’s tauntable and no longer has a threat reduction. Why…… give the tanks something to worry about instead of bouncing around aoeing whelps. Besides watching her munch up all those little casters who nuked their happy little hearts out in phase 2 when she landed was one of the highlights of vanilla Onyxia.
  • More whelps. Who can resist lots of adorable little dragonlings trying to defend their mummy, besides dancing around spamming Holy Nova was pretty much the highlight of the fight.
  • Flame walls. Who doesn’t ❤ flame walls. Especially when they bug out and disappear on you. Every so often the flame cracks should join up into one massive tidal wave which chases random people around the cave.

That said, its a fun enough fight and the loot obviously helps fill in the blanks/makes for great alt gearing up. However my biggest issue comes from the Head Quest. Having handed in the 60 version in the past, I was expecting something a little more exciting than visit a dark and dangerous pub in the Mage Quarter and have some warlock hand out the item. No head over the gates, no yelling and glorifying of the slaughter, just a passing transaction. I’m at least hoping that come the next expansion, Zardeth of the Black Claw and his collection of broodmother heads will do something nasty and preferably deadly.

Also, in case anyone was wondering/worried, it turns out she still drops Draconic for Dummies VI.

The new Onyxia does raise one interesting question though, why did Alliance Mages get teleport Theramore and the Horde, teleport Stonard. Heroic Sunken Temple coming soon perhaps?

Arcanite Reaper Hoes!

Hi, my name is Erinys and I have an alt addiction. Apart from raiding, my favourite WoW activity is levelling yet another character and rambling through Azeroth. So introducing Nest number 5 or possibly 6. She’s been a mage, a deathknight, a rogue, a gnome, a human, an orc and back to a gnome again. So far, things are going well… reaching lv 10 is the higher than any previous Nest has managed so hopefully… fingers crossed.

Because Gnomes come in packs

Because Gnomes come in packs

Nest is the cute white haired one with sprouts (weirdly since I hate the type that come from Brussels, all my gnomes have the sprout hair style). The evil looking green haired thing scanning the horizon for something to kill is Lyloid, the boyfriend’s 4th warrior.

Since she’s going to be the last character I level before Cataclysm (too many other things to do), I want to take one last long look around around the game world before it all changes.

As for why a warrior, well is there anything more adorable than a small, aggressive cute creature wielding a large, sharp axe and squeaking a lot?

The secret lives of NPCs

There I  was running around the Hinterlands on my hunter attempting to level skinning when I spotted something slightly off.

werewolvesThese wolves were at least until recently white and considerably more stealthy. So what’s going on, has some unknown blight spread from the Plaguelands or are they just showing their true colours in the early dawn light.

Fading Shadows

I love Darkshore, there is something slightly melancholy about its foggy shores and crazed wildlife. Naturally I level every single one of my alliance alts through its dark and dangerous forests so I was rather surprised the other day, when I spotted this.


In the four and a half years of running through Auberdine, of questing here, of grabbing the fight, I swear I’ve never noticed her before. There are plenty of ghosts in Darkshore, the Highborne down at Ameth’aran springing first to mind but who is this little elf, standing besides a cottage, saying nothing. She offers no quest, tells no sad story just watches from the shadows as the world goes by.

I hope when the cataclysm rips the world asunder, Blizzard will finally get around to telling the stories of the “ghosts” that dot its landscape. The NPCs just abandoned, mute in far away places who never got to demand that adventurers rushed off in search of treasures or heads in return for a fancy hat or some gold.