A list a day….

At the moment, I’m only really logging to raid which naturally doesn’t provide much to write about. Although I would probably write at least a 2000 word essay on all the amusing ways in which you can wipe on the heroic version of 25 man beasties. Tanks going from full health to zero in 3 seconds when the Gods of RNG decide to punish you being probably the most annoying one.

So what have I learnt this week?

  • The heroic Beasties is harder than either the heroic Faction Champions or the heroic Big Demon Guy.
  • If you don’t have movement speed on your boots or some talent that provides it, put movement speed on your boots. (Whilst our shamans were the worst offenders here, it seemed a lot easier to get away from Icehowl with the movement speed).
  • The buff to the crocolisks in the city drop rate is huge. I completed the quest on 4 characters the other day and got 4 mini pets.
  • That other than my main, I prefer leveling to actually being at the levelcap. I know have 4 80s and the latter three just hit 80 and got abandoned.
  • That I really need to finish and post all the blog posts which are currently filling up my draft folder.

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