Fading Shadows

I love Darkshore, there is something slightly melancholy about its foggy shores and crazed wildlife. Naturally I level every single one of my alliance alts through its dark and dangerous forests so I was rather surprised the other day, when I spotted this.


In the four and a half years of running through Auberdine, of questing here, of grabbing the fight, I swear I’ve never noticed her before. There are plenty of ghosts in Darkshore, the Highborne down at Ameth’aran springing first to mind but who is this little elf, standing besides a cottage, saying nothing. She offers no quest, tells no sad story just watches from the shadows as the world goes by.

I hope when the cataclysm rips the world asunder, Blizzard will finally get around to telling the stories of the “ghosts” that dot its landscape. The NPCs just abandoned, mute in far away places who never got to demand that adventurers rushed off in search of treasures or heads in return for a fancy hat or some gold.

3 Responses

  1. I love the moments in WoW when you discover something like this, and I love it when people post about them. I dont get to Darkshore very much (I guess our dorfs could go *hunt the dead* oh yeah) but I will definitely keep an eye out for this mute and tragic spirit.

  2. I too am hoping we’ll see some action with the ghosts, and have wondered about this one for years. Part of a quest chain that didn’t work out?

  3. Guessing it has to be that, but it just seems such a shame. Maybe some form of class quest that never got added.

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