Arcanite Reaper Hoes!

Hi, my name is Erinys and I have an alt addiction. Apart from raiding, my favourite WoW activity is levelling yet another character and rambling through Azeroth. So introducing Nest number 5 or possibly 6. She’s been a mage, a deathknight, a rogue, a gnome, a human, an orc and back to a gnome again. So far, things are going well… reaching lv 10 is the higher than any previous Nest has managed so hopefully… fingers crossed.

Because Gnomes come in packs

Because Gnomes come in packs

Nest is the cute white haired one with sprouts (weirdly since I hate the type that come from Brussels, all my gnomes have the sprout hair style). The evil looking green haired thing scanning the horizon for something to kill is Lyloid, the boyfriend’s 4th warrior.

Since she’s going to be the last character I level before Cataclysm (too many other things to do), I want to take one last long look around around the game world before it all changes.

As for why a warrior, well is there anything more adorable than a small, aggressive cute creature wielding a large, sharp axe and squeaking a lot?


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