Salty Cedric, Azeroth’s worse sailor

One of the things I love about Warcraft is the flavour items scattered around. Surprises hidden away in junk bags or waiting to be pick pocketed, the little things which make you smile when you discover them. Take for example the Mariner’s Log Book which can be found in the bag of fishing treasures. Its a brief and simple tale of Cedric and his misdeeds:



being samples. The reoccurring theme is one of poor drunk Cedric being disciplined.

I can’t help but wonder what happened to Cedric (most likely at the bottom of some ocean) and whether Azeroth had press gangs as he certainly doesn’t sound like a natural candidate for the naval life. Bet he would make a fun shipmate to party with though. So next time you have a shot of rum, think of Cedric and his unfortunate tendency to get caught without his clothes.

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