Bad Queen

On our raiding offdays, I’ve been working on my Loremaster title. There I was slaughtering my way through the Ogres of Blade’s Edge when I noticed this:

Bad Queenand my favourite

Puny NightelfFor a moment I felt almost guilty and but then I realised if I was to finish my Loremaster those ogres were going to have to die, for a higher cause so to speak. Which lead to this:

Dead OgresHorrid Queen indeed. I love the fact that even something as simple as completing the Ogri’la quest chain can change the way that NPCs react to you. Although I can’t help but feel sorry for those Ogres, imagine having to spend eternity in Ogri’la doing dailies and hanging out with those annoyingly chirpy Skyguard types.

DinaIn fact, redoing those quests on my Priest made me realise just how much I liked Blade’s Edge both visually and for some of its little quirky jokes. For some reason it feels a lot more “alive” than a lot of the Burning Crusade zones. I also have a sneaky fondness for trashy movies such as Starship Troopers and therefore I love Toshley’s station with its references to Dizzy Dina and the Roughriders. The fact that its also periodically attacked by evil bugs (ravagers) really helps to add to the Starship Trooper atmosphere.

Visually, the landscape is raw and scarred. Having huge skulls and dragons hanging from spikes creates a sense of atmosphere lacking from a lot of the other zones. Add in the huge red sky, and the multi layered feel you get from the constant climbing and descending of hills and ravines and Blade’s Edge really is a special zone.

Careless Dragon


3 Responses

  1. Off with her head! =)

  2. Hey… Starship Troopers isn’t trashy.
    It’s a clever satire.

    Do you want to know more?

  3. @MomentEye – I think compared to the book, the films are pretty trashy, especially number 3. However, in a sense the book has become a bit of a period piece and perhaps it wouldn’t have translated so well directly on screen (going to have to find my copy and read it again now).

    @Beruthiel – totally, only unlike the Queen of Hearts, I actually “executed” them 😦

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