Sugar skulls and Marigolds

When I first read about the new Day of the Dead festival coming to Azeroth I was really excited. We spent a couple of months travelling in Mexico and fell in love with the people, the culture and the food. So the first thing I did on returning from Halloween celebrations was log on and rush off to see what was available.


Candy skulls and marigolds, flowers of the dead

What can you do?

Visit any graveyard outside a major city (so Goldshire, Azurewatch, just outside Darnassus, Dun Morogh) for the Alliance along with Dalaran and Shattrah and emote /dance at Catrina. That nets you the only achievement available.


It also gives you a 12 hour buff turning you into Catrina if a female character or Chapman if male. As per usual with this type of seasonal thing, druids will lose the illusion the second they change form.

Then talk to Chapman who sells a variety of bits and pieces festival related stuff. I’m fairly impressed with the way they catered for all levels. Lowbies with a gold shortage can pick up the orange marigold rather than having to shell out 1g for the bouquet.


To go along the one achievement there is one quest, which requires you to make Bread of the Dead for a ghost. In order to see the quest you first need to head along to your own race’s graveyard or to Dalaran (Dead mages obviously don’t care who feeds them) and then use the marigolds to see the quest giver.

In order to complete the quest, you will need to either buy the bread recipe and make your own, or buy bread off a passer-by (since you buy the ingredients in 5s, most people will have 4 more than they need). The ingredients are easy, just ice cold milk and simple flour. Its also possibly worth picking up the materials in town, because tracking them down in the various villages can be tricky. You can’t cook it over just any fire either, it has to be made over the bright blue flames of a ghostly cooking fire found in any of the graveyards Catrina and Chapman are currently visiting. As a side note, the bread of the dead skills up cooking until 40 cooking skill.

Your reward for the quest is a cute little marionette which unfortunately only lasts the duration of the festival plus either gold if 80 or experience if lower level.


Catrina wannabe, Evil mask eating Nightelf and 2 marionettes planning on world domination

My big issue with this festival is the fact that virtually everything is temporary. I want to keep my cute little skeleton friend, I want to make dead man’s bread all year around if I feel like it. I hate being given something and then having it taken away. Yes, I know I sound like I’m three years old but that’s beside the point. In fact it seems like the only tangible item we get to keep is the bouquet of marigolds, although the use part will only work during the festival.

What I would like is the following:

  • Make the pet a proper pet. Dancing skeletons fit in with Azeroth just as well in December as they do now
  • Add more cooking recipes. I would like to be able to make sugar skulls for my friends for example

All in all though I have to admit brief though it is, I enjoyed it.


Above we can see the celebrations taking place on Azuremyst Isle and below, those from Darnassus (the graveyard is in Darnassus itself. If you are riding out towards Dolanaar, you want to take a left turn after passing through the Warrior’s Terrace but before the final city gate).



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  1. I want the pet permanent too. He’s really cute with his little maracas!

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