The Virtual Menagerie

I couldn’t resist and besides its for a good cause. Although in principle I do have my doubts about the system. I’ve always felt that everything in-game should be obtained through an in-game method but unlike the trading cards, at least this way the randomness is removed.


Posing panda, naughty nest

The other thing that bothers me slightly about the commercialisation of pets is the fact that once upon a time, due to both in-game financial shortages (I always sucked at grinding) and bag space I used to take my time and pick pets which suited the personalities of my characters. Now, with the BoA pets like Mr Chilly and The Blizzard baby bear, plus the new additions like these, all my characters start out with a pet as soon as they reach a mailbox.

For example, both my warlocks are cat people. Perhaps because there is something slightly witchy about the whole class, hanging out in darkened rooms with candles made from skulls whispering dangerous incantations and the like. Then like cats, I see them both as slightly aloof, slightly disdainful of others.

My baby druid on the other hand prizes her hyacinth macaw above all others. She got it way back in vanilla when the Gnomeling, ever a knight in shining armour rushed to the aid of a guildmate being camped in STV. He was whiling away  the passing hours waiting for the aggressor to return to life by slaughtering pirates and there, lying in a corpse he found it. Obviously a reward for a job well done he carried back to Stormwind as a gift and its kept her company ever since.

Then there is a my hunter Fauna. In the gift package she was sent at creation, there was a white tickbird hatchling nesting amongst the armour, bags and food. In those long 10 first levels as she learnt her craft, she had a feathery friend watching over her.


Taking flight

My priest on the other hand, has a veritable zoo hidden away somewhere. From mythological beasts, lethal looking fruit and domestic pets nothing is safe from her desire to “catch them all”.

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  1. I’m exactly the same about pets. I get attached, to them and I want one that reflects the character’s, errr, character, rather than whatever is currently flavour of the month. Simply by hanging around in engame you tend to get more and Tam has a bit of a collection stowed away but the only one I ever get out is Wayne, the Wolvar Norphan. The Prettiest Elf has a siamese called, err, Siamese (the prettiest elf not being over-endowed with brain or imagination) and the rest don’t have any particular pets because nothing has grabbed me yet. But, yeah, I do understand the collector’s mania but equally I like in-game things to mean something.

  2. Thank God I’m not the only person who names their mini pets. When I first started playing I was really disappointed I couldn’t rename them something more exciting than Bombay or Orange Tabby.

    Our (mine and the gnomeling’s) very first character scrapped together enough silver to buy a bombay cat by the time we were lv 16. Think we had to go without shoes and probably food but it was worth it. I’ve been sold on pets ever since.

  3. […] there’s a great post over at Harpy’s Nest about vanity pets, which struck a chord with me because I’m exactly the same about them. My characters all tend […]

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