For the rose has thorns

Now that the only remaining unconquered content is Yogg 0, its time to break out the alts. First to be transferred was my little kitty druid Briarrose.

Now I haven’t really played her since the new cat/bear forms were introduced so this was the first time I had a good look at her new flash looking fur. She looks more like a domesticated house cat than a ferocious wild beast.


Briarrose would be perfectly at home in Silvermoon City being dragged around on a ornate silver chain by some Bloodelf. Lying on a stack of cushions and purring for treats, extra loud for gnome snacks. Then there is the jewellery. I mean going into battle wearing necklaces and trinkets doesn’t seem like the most practical idea ever. Don’t think I’d like being strangled by my own fashion accessories and a cat wearing ankle bracelets.. come on.

You enter a battleground and spot a bright pink cat. Its possible you could think a variety of things from “oh poor kitty got lost” to “lol who wants to pvp looking like a cuddly toy” and no doubt several far ruder and more critical things. However you aren’t going to be trembling in your shiny boots. No fearsome Orc warrior is going to stare down a plush toy and blink first. It just wouldn’t happen.

Its bad enough when seen by itself, but when you put Nightelves and Taurens together, our shame becomes much more apparent. Tauren cats have evil written all over them and ooze bad assness from every pore. They look mean and aggressive, just waiting to rip your throat out and we look half asleep.

On a slightly related note I want a tree form that looks like this, autumnal. Anyone else find it odd that the current model for the “Tree of Life” looks half dead? They should have gone for brighter colours.


First order of business once I can bring myself to look at her without giggling  is dealing with the epic flying raven quest line and then I need to figure out what easily craftable gear I can make myself in readiness for hitting 80.

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