5 things I’m excited about in the Icecrown patch

  1. Icecrown itself. The fight that involves healing a boss in particular. Although I love the look of some of the new bosses, specifically Queen Lana’thel and Festergut (his colours are nicer than Rotgut’s). All in all, I think the fights for the most part sound interesting and dynamic. A big improvement on the current tier of raid content.
  2. My hunter intends discovering a BM spec and then taming the new spirit beast. One of my first pets was black bear called Jasper and now I’m going to reclaim a dead ghostly version of him.
  3. The new looking group thingie. Right now, you go “LF 3 dps” in trade and get snowed under with whispers. Then its trying to figure out a fair way to pick people. Do you take the first three people to whisper even though they are usually all the same class. Do you fuss about achievements, in my opinion no but there is always some snotty dpser who complains about the fact that Mr Mage is wearing greens and hasn’t completed normal let alone heroic. So this new system is the answer to my prayers. Join up and let them do all the work and get rewards too. Can’t wait. Plus the Pug for pugging has to be the most awesome concept ever invented.
  4. The Fishing Derby. I want the boots that transport you to the best drinking establishment in the Eastern Kingdoms, the Salty Sailor Tavern. These could become especially useful in Cataclysm, you never know.
  5. The Toxic Wasteling – “Right Click to summon and dismiss your toxic wasteling. Do not feed toxic wasteling. Do not allow toxic wasteling to approach small animals. Do not touch, sniff, or even look at toxic wasteling for extended periods of time.” I want one and I’m going to feed it and let it play with critters.

So what things are you looking forward to in 3.3?

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