Playing with fire… err talents

Everytime I redo my talents, I slowly panic my way through, terrified I’m going to spend them wrong so when I discovered this:

You can imagine my excitement.

I’m sure everyone who actually reads the patch notes properly already knew it existed, but for everyone else… its there and its awesome.

You have to enable it for every character individually but it means no more drunken disasters whilst trying to respec alts at three in the morning and no more accidents whilst rushing to respec whilst a raid are waiting for you. You simply plug in the talents you want, just like on a talent calculator switching things around as you fancy. When you’re done, you hit the “learn” button which then locks the chosen talents into place.

In my opinion, its one of the best recent additions to the game. Especially for people who either respec beyond their dual specs a lot or for people like me who have far too many alts.

2 Responses

  1. I love this feature as well! I don’t respec frequently, but when I did I almost always, invariably, put talent points in the wrong place on accident and had to start over 😦

  2. I got to the point where I was paranoid. Would either have to alt tab into windows to check a calculator after imputing each point or would have to force my boyfriend to open the calculator on his machine and tell me point by point where to put them.

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