Time to “Sweep the leg” again

Flicking through all the 3.3 patch goodies on MMO Champion, I couldn’t help but notice something.  Lurking in amongst the names of the weekly raid quests is every priest’s favourite fight. Instructor Razuvious, he the dashing blue armour and the four rather disappointing students. So because I’m sweet and kind, I thought I would share the macro which made my tanking experiences considerably more bearable.

/target Instructor
/click PetActionButton6;
/click PetActionButton5;
/raid —-> YOURNAMEHERE has Taunted <—–
/sw 20
/script Stopwatch_Play();
/in 20 /rsay === TAUNT NOW! ===

Obviously you want to change YOURNAMEHERE to your actual character name (I forgot the first time, something which I have never been allowed to forget). Basically it simplifies the fight down to cast mind soothe, cast mindcontrol and hit the macro which pops bone shield and taunts him. Then whilst tanking all you have to do is dps using blood strike and wait for your partner to taunt it off you.

I found it on WoWhead whilst digging through pages of information trying to figure out why even when hit capped my mindcontrol was very temperamental. Which leads me to the other piece of useful advice on the subject, make sure your paladins switch off shadow resistance aura. The last thing you need is your minion gaining 130 shadow resistance just as you mind control him. It tends to lead to squished priests and then everyone else running around blaming you for somehow being incompetent (especially in PuGs).

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