Not with a bang but a whimper.

On Thursday we achieved a Tribute to Insanity, something which as a guild I never thought we were capable of (too many people fond of trying to tank the Faction Champions). By Friday morning it seems as if the guild is pretty much on the way out. Already the rats are leaping from the sinking ship in search of greener pastures and Icecrown seems impossible. Why you might ask… a simple forum post in which our GM stated that she wants to play a bit less. I suppose its one way of finding out which people are interested in a community and which are just after shiny purples.

Obviously things are not yet written in stone, but the prognosis doesn’t seem particularly good. Which leaves me in a strange mood, on the one hand I’m angry because my raiding has been brought to an abrupt halt and I had no control over it. Yes, I could look for another guild but finding one which wants both a priest and a warrior would be tricky if not impossible. Then there is the fact that over Christmas we have family commitments to keep and then in January we are moving house meaning that trialling for a new guild even if we could sweet talk our way into one as a package would be hard. Then on the other side of the coin is a sense of relief. If the guild had continued its fairly hardcore raiding, we would have been letting people down when January arrived and we had to disappear whilst we moved (our raiding roster was fairly tight and my boyfriend is/was the maintank). Not to mention the fact that I find the game less and less enthralling these days.

On a slightly more interesting note, here is a video of our heroic Anub’arak kill.

We use 2 tanks (both warriors), one on the boss and one tanking all the adds in an unhittable block set. 6 healers, basically 1 per mark plus one full time on the tanks (in the video two of them are holy paladins who have the tanks beaconed as well). As a disc priest I got the exciting job of taking one mark plus keeping shields on the rogues to make sure they stay alive as our strategy relied fairly heavily on tricks.

But it seems to borrow (and paraphrase)  T.S Eliot’s words,

This is the way the guild ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

At least we got to end on a high I suppose.

3 Responses

  1. Well….you’ll always have TS Eliot…. (excellent quotage 🙂 )

    I’m sorry about this, it seems rather demoralising in a miserably low-key gently falling apart way – hopefully it will end up resulting in good things, and if nothing else breathing space over Christmas and New Year might be welcome?

  2. I’m sorry to hear about it 😦

    Hopefully everything will work out for the best once all the dust has settled.

  3. Thanks for the supportive words. We managed to pull together a rather rat tag bundle of people on Sunday and headed into Icecrown for a look. Took us less than 2 hours to clear all 4 bosses with 20-23 people which rather helped cement my feelings towards the game. Oh that and the fact that I died three seconds before Saurfang did meaning I didn’t get the achievement because Blizzard still haven’t fixed the spirit of redemption bug… (suppose it serves me right for dying, next time I’m going to let the tank die).

    Going to tidy up a few things and play casually but with every patch Blizzard seem to help me cure my addiction.

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