Love is in the Air!

It’s that time of year again, hearts and flowers seem to spring from thin air and everyone drifts around in a cloud of perfume. Have to say I like the changes Blizzard made to Love is in the Air this year. Any emphasis away from the evil Gods of RNG for novelty stuff can only be a good move in my book. When I logged on Sunday morning (not having read up about the changes) I was dreading a repeat of last year and the year before that and quite possibly the year before that’s futile and frustrating attempts to capture my very own goblin of love. Finally, I know that by the end of the loved up fortnight I will have secured one.

Then there are the added quest chain leading to new bosses who just happen to live in one of my favourite instances plus new kitsch items. Yep, definitely feeling the love at the moment. Which got me thinking, where exactly is the most romantic spot in WoW? Where would I take my true love and the romantic picnic basket loaded with goodies for some quiet time on Valentine’s Day?

My top 7 list goes something like this, in no particular order.

  1. Duskwood. Nothing is guaranteed to make people leap into each other’s arms than a night spent amongst the unquiet dead. Spend a few hours huddled together in one of the many graveyards that Duskwood is famous for, then hurry back to the Scarlet Raven as if a pack of ravenous ghouls are chasing at your heals (although it being Duskwood, they probably are).
  2. Feralas. Especially if its raining. There are several possibilities here, maybe sit on the balcony of the Inn at Camp Mojache overlooking the waterfall and down to the lake below. Or maybe let the little nightelf conjure you all the way up to the top of the Twin Colossal’s, where you can laze around, dripping in the little pool or diving from the top.
  3. Tanaris. Long, sunny afternoons spent lying on the pale golden sands of Tanaris, sipping rum and then once the sun has gone down skinny dipping in the still warm sea.
  4. Zangarmarsh. Whilst I accept mushrooms of the giant variety might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I think there is something romantic about the slightly murky swamp feeling of Zangarmarsh.
  5. Grizzly Hills. As long as you avoid the werewolves, a night or two snuggled up in front of an open log fire amongst the pines of Grizzly Hills could be really special.
  6. Azshara, the Bay of Storms. Tidal pools for paddling in, ruins to swim out to, a beach to lounge around on and plenty of sea food to be caught.
  7. The Lushwater Oasis in the Barrens. Somewhere to swim, pretty surroundings…. what more could you ask for?

and finally because 7 is an unromantic number…

8. The Echo Isles. Crazy Troll hunting in beautiful surroundings… it doesn’t get much more romantic than that.


2 Responses

  1. I’m delighted Azshara made it onto this list, although getting zapped by naga is not what you want in the middle of some alfresco lovin.

    • Azshara is one of my favourite zones, think its the autumnal colours of the trees and the way that leaves just drift down. Always through it was a shame that its so underused at the moment, just hope the goblins don’t trash it too much come Cataclysm.

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