“Ye’re nothin’ but a prognosticator, a procrastinator!”

Because procrastination is something I’m really good at, I need lists to actually do things. Playing solo doesn’t help either, without the motivation of others needing quests/instances/battlegrounds its easy to end up hanging out in Stormwind listening to trade chat and talking to randoms.

So here is my attempt at making February fairly focused.

  • Get Peddlefoot
  • Remember how much time I’ve spent trying to get Peddlefoot over the last three/four years and curse the Gods of RNG (its perfectly safe to do so when not raiding and by the time I start again, they will have forgotten.. distracted by tears about epics and pets that drop from holiday bosses).
  • Achieve 55,000 hks on my priest. The end goal is 100,000 hks so I have a way to go but doing 46k at once seems a bit too much at once. Its a bit of a misnomer really though since out of all the hks my priest currently has, she’s probably inflicted damage to around 10k or so which makes them somewhat less than honourable.
  • Complete 10 quests in Kalimdor to get me a little closer to my goal of Loremaster.
  • Reach lv 49 on my little Tauren druid. Hip hooray for holiday stuff that gives experience for doing very little.
  • Reach lv 73 on my slightly less little Night Elf Druid.

On a totally different note, its amazing what sticks in your mind from school. When I close my eyes I can still hear my old English Literature teacher reading Juno and the Paycock, even though I hated it at the time.


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