Marching on with the To-do lists

So I finally stopped procrastinating, got off the Stormwind fountain and tackled my to-do list.

  • Get Peddlefoot – Not once, not twice but three little cupids farmed this year. Yay!
  • Remember how much time I’ve spent trying to get Peddlefoot over the last three/four years and curse the Gods of RNG (its perfectly safe to do so when not raiding and by the time I start again, they will have forgotten.. distracted by tears about epics and pets that drop from holiday bosses).
  • Achieve 55,000 hks on my priest. The end goal is 100,000 hks so I have a way to go but doing 46k at once seems a bit too much at once. Its a bit of a misnomer really though since out of all the hks my priest currently has, she’s probably inflicted damage to around 10k or so which makes them somewhat less than honourable. – This was surprisingly easy. For once PvPing in Misery turned out to be a rather pleasurable experience.
  • Complete 10 quests in Kalimdor to get me a little closer to my goal of Loremaster. – Done. I tackled Desolace and in between taking screenshots and swimming I’m that bit closer to my goal. 38 quests to go in fact.
  • Reach lv 49 on my little Tauren druid. Hip hooray for holiday stuff that gives experience for doing very little. – Hooray for “Love is in the Air”, Briarrose the 1st is level 50.
  • Reach lv 73 on my slightly less little Night Elf Druid. – So you can’t win them all. I’m still less than half way through 72 on Briarrose the 2nd.

Having been fairly successful on February’s goals, its now time to set March’s.

  • 57k hks on Erinys. Thats a little under 3k which shouldn’t present too much of a problem. Hopefully I’m erring on the cautious side.
  • Get the PvP Horsie.
  • Farm at least 15 seals.
  • Make it to Honoured with the Netherwing. The joys of swapping main for an expansion 😦
  • Reach Revered with Ogri’la.
  • Struggle to halfway through honoured with the Winterspring Trainers. Oh how I wish they had changed this quest chain to be more like the Horde version they finally got around to adding.
  • 10 quests to closer to Loremaster, I’m currently at 38 remaining.
  • Get Briarrose the 2nd that elusive lv 73.

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