My take on the stat changes

I read through Blizzard’s post on the forth coming stat changes  with interest. However, I’ve ended up with more questions than answers floating around my head.

Stamina – Because of the way we will be assigning Strength, Agility, and Intellect, non-plate wearers will end up with more Stamina than before. Health pools will be much closer between plate-wearers and other classes.

From a PvE perspective, great. No more forcing your little mages to wear PvP gear when you are learning fights like Freya +3 or indeed anything where the raid takes massive amounts of damage. Although it does also allow fights to continue that trend of having huge bursts of damage every so often on all the raid members as the instance designers could safely assume everyone would have high hit points. That would probably also fit in with their stated intent for healing to require more teamwork/co-ordination as you could have plenty of fights in which the raid gets hit really hard every so often and then need healing up fairly fast.

As for PvP, already I’ve seen several  melee posting their complaints about this proposed change but in pure PvP gear, I’ve already seen casters running around with 30k plus health so I’m not convinced it will be a huge issue. Although from the perspective of say a rogue who has 39k health but no way of recovering that health, fighting a priest who also has 39k health but heals might seem a little unfair. After all, all casters have either shields (mages/priests/warlocks with the right pet out) or heals of a sort (warlocks, priests/druids) which compensated a bit for the lower health pools.

Spirit – Come Cataclysm, this stat should only be found on healing gear. Non-healing casters will have other systems in place to regenerate mana, and we are designing special solutions for Elemental shaman and Balance druids who often share gear with healers (more on this below). Raid buffs that currently boost Spirit (such as Blessing of Kings) will only boost the primary stats of Stamina, Strength, Agility, and Intellect. We are also likely changing the five-second rule and other quirks of the current regen system.

I like the idea that gear with spirit on it will be purely healing gear but I’m a bit more iffy on the other changes. Since we are all moving to using spirit, and Blizzard have stated many times they want people to move away from the spam heal fest healing currently is, I would have thought the five second rule would have been staying around. After all it rewards people who take breaks from healing. As for Kings not buffing Spirit, I’m a little curious about that too. Surely Spirit is a primary stat if all healers have to rely on it for regen.. Does it also mean that Divine Spirit is a thing of the past? Not that would necessarily be a bad thing, one less thing to have to buff and all that. But from the sound of it, regen is going to be limited purely to your gear/talents? and I’m not sure I like the sound of that. Can we expect no flasks to buff it either? Yes, it would allow Blizzard to control it a bit better in the sense that all healers, regardless of raid makeup would have similar regen but it surely takes way some of the fun from deciding what kind of healer you want to be.

Intellect – Intellect will now grant Spell Power (more on this below). Intellect will also provide less mana than it currently does.

Guessing this to stop it scaling out of control. If we have 30k mana pools now, imagine what another five levels and lots of new shiny gear would do it. Also massive mana pools would make it harder to make healers manage their resources better.

Haste – Haste will become more attractive for melee classes by allowing them to recover resources such as energy and runes more quickly. Our intention is for Haste to let you “do stuff” more often.

Interesting how they leave out rage.. think it will be interesting to see how and if they deal with warriors. One thing that is bugging me slightly is the disparity between roles that seems to be emerging from all the blue posts at the moment. They want to make resources easier for melee to manage yet even though half the time you can’t find healers for instances, they want to make healing more frustrating in terms of having to stop casting, stare at the scenery (these new instances better look prettier than Vanilla’s Molten Core) and worry about your mana.

Mastery – This is a new stat that will allow players to become better at whatever makes their chosen talent tree cool or unique. It’s directly tied to talents, so what you gain from improving this stat is entirely dependent upon your class and the talent specialization you choose. We’ll talk more about specific Mastery benefits in the future.

I really really hope they don’t screw this one up for priests. If the Holy mastery for spending the vast majority of your points in Holy is awesome, please don’t make us spend points in Disc to get regen like we have been doing since the dawn of Vanilla.

Armor – The way Armor mitigates damage is not changing, but the Armor stat has been rebalanced to mirror changes to the armor curve in Cataclysm. As a result, bonus Armor will go down slightly overall. We are also changing the mitigation difference among armor types so that plate doesn’t offer so much more protection than mail, leather, and cloth.

Not sure about this. Yes as a priest I have low armour but I have shields and plethora of heals to compensate. Why should my little dress that only covers half of me provide a similar amount of protection to the warrior over there covered in plate? Does this mean Inner Fire is biting the dust? Unless its intended that we are all going to be tanking stuff in the new raid content, I’m just not sure I see the point of this and even then… One of the selling points to me when I first started playing was the fact that all the classes were different, but we seem to be getting closer and closer together.

Defense – Defense is being removed from the game entirely. Tanking classes should expect to become uncrittable versus creatures just by shifting into Defensive Stance, Frost Presence, Bear Form, or by using Righteous Fury.

I hope there will be changes made to defensive stance then as its the only (I think) one of those which comes with penalties.

The rest of the thread can be found here.


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