Stitches – 101 things to see and do

Too many quests in Warcraft are the generic fetch X, kill Y or go to Z. Little to no real explanation is offered and we as the perpetrators of countless awful acts rarely see any negative effects as the result of our actions. We just slaughter our way through the world, picking up gold and second hand cloths without a care in the world.

The chain which leads to Stitches the Abomination being let loose on the good people of Darkshire is a step beyond that. First of all, we are trying to help a community under siege rather than just committing random acts of violence. Running errands, catching proven murderers (Stalvan) and making a stand against the wandering dead. Ok, our motives probably aren’t 100 percent pure. No reward, no dead ogres, worgen (wonder if when they become a playable race, we’ll still be able to skin all the NPC ones) or undead. For once, we are fighting the good fight and yet in our naivety we manage to cause even more chaos.

Darkshire, he hungers!

Then once he is lumbering towards the town, you get the build up. The Watchers running out to try and block his path (of course they die pathetically) and the people of Darkshire panicking as yet another evil heads towards them.

I think this is definitely a contender for my favourite quest chain in-game and well worth doing, if only to watch the ensuing havoc. A word of warning though, stay clear of the road if you’re low level whilst he’s rampaging towards town. 12k health is a lot for lv 20s to cut through and he hits like a truck.

4 Responses

  1. Nice shot… good webs!

  2. Thanks, unfortunately I stood there a moment too long and came very close to being squished underfoot.

  3. I always liked that quest. It’s a fun chain, though I had always expected him to drop something special- in my early days of wow! He killed me so many times.. ah the memories.

    Great ss of him. He looks extremely creepy there!

  4. Duskwood has some really great atmosphere and quests, and Stitches definitely takes the prize! I loved him, especially when during vanilla days when he was really really tough for the appropriate levels. I always jumped into the fight when he spawned, even though it meant quite a few deaths.

    WoW needs more stuff like this.

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