One troll and her dog

Meet Erizulie, troll hunter. She’s fond of bitter cactus cider, all sorts of animals except scorpids which are obviously some sort of demon in disguise and skinning things (particularly scorpids).

I also take back every bad thing I’ve ever said about Durotar. I’d forgotten how pretty the Valley of Trials can be. So she was created with two aims in mind. Firstly joining the awesomeness that is a guild called “Single Abstract Noun” and secondly leveling to lv 40ish.  Why lv 40? well because happily sitting in the shade of a certain keep is a dog called Spot.

The plan is simple as all plans should be. Reach a level to tame him, sneak into Theramore and steal their puppy from right out under their noses.

Now the hard part is going to be finding time to put this evil plan into action. My WoW time is a bit limited at the moment and when I am playing its mainly PvPing on my main or leveling my druid. However I’ve wanted that dog for a long time. I mean its obvious they callously stole it from Mulgore in the first place so its about time some nice troll came along and liberated it.

I’ve also created Tattiebogle the Undead Priest with some strange ideas about RP in mind. A Tattiebogle is both a scarecrow and one of the most amazing sounding words ever created. Operation save Spot is however the main focus of the time I (fingers crossed) will be spending on Argent Dawn.

Now I’ve blogged about them, I’m going to have to find the time to level them. I hope.

5 Responses

  1. Until you can tame him, there is a rare wold out in Mulgore. it’s a bit lighter than this one but the neat thing about it was, when you click on him he howls. been so long since I saw him, I don’t know if it’s still the same.

    I always liked to tame pets that were a challenge! I have the ghost wolf on my hunter.

    Hope you get the little woflie saved soon 😉

  2. Tattieboggle… best name ever.

  3. Ooops … Tattiebogle even. WTB editor.

  4. Wolf.. I too wtb edit!

  5. @Kaozz – I ran my nightelf hunter all the way to Mulgore at lv 10 to pick up one of those prairie wolves, they still howl and so does Spot.
    I’m so jealous of the ghost wolf, I helped a friend get him (took us about an 1 hour to get everything timed right) but I didn’t have a hunter who was high enough level back then.
    I’m after the devilsaur from Sholazar Basin at the moment, but finding him is proving exceedingly hard. Too many people on the server all doing the Frostbitten achievement :(.

    @Tam – Thanks

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