So empty and alone

I play on a full server yet in the time its taken me to get from lv 1 to lv 37, I’ve seen around 10 people outside cities/battlegrounds and dungeons. The world seems completely empty, ok, there was your stereotypical lv 80 Orc rogue parked at Nesingwary’s but other than that Horde seem like a rare and exotic species. Whole zones are devoid of life, there is no one to hear the chirping of crickets or watch the fireflies swarm.

Yet the queues for the Dungeon Finder tool are almost non-existent even when you queue up as two dpsers. There are lots of people levelling but all in safe and confined spaces.  Now, I accept that people have the right to play the game anyway they choose but it just seems like such a waste to me. Blizzard created this amazing world and yet people are choosing to lock themselves away in instances.  Yes, it can be repetitive if you’ve levelled multiple characters but so is farming dungeons over and over again.  I admit I know half the quests off by heart already, especially in my favourite zones but that doesn’t make it boring. Instead its like curling up with a oft read and well loved book.

I think part of my problem with the dungeon finder for low levels is that we know the world is going to be altered, the other problem I have with it is the people but that’s another story. Old familiar places might be ripped apart by waves or dragged down into the deeps. Unfortunately for me, most of my favourite zones are coastal so I’m expecting a fair amount of change and since this is going to be the last character I level before the expansion I want to soak up as many memories as possible.

Blizzard are re-doing zones and quest chains but its highly unlikely that the instances themselves will change, possibly in level like Onxyia but I suspect that’s all. So whilst you have plenty of time to see the instances, the world as we know it will only exist for a short while longer. Besides questing with no one to gank is just miserable…. throw off the shackles of instance runs with 4 people you’ll never see again and come out into the sunshine of Azeroth.

Edit: I don’t think  playing Star Trek Online where everything is instanced and even when you’re in party, you don’t always end up in the same shard helped my feelings. You can’t just fly and fly and fly in STO without having to change zone. Exploring is really limited. Then you have a game like WoW where you could ride from Undercity to Booty Bay if you wanted to without hitting a loading screen, yet people are ignoring that massive world and huddling inside instances.


2 Responses

  1. I too like open zones. I suppose all the instances ALL the time really started getting boring for me on my 80s, after playing for so long.

    I remember when I first started WoW, I had played Everquest long before, and I couldn’t get over instances zones. Where are all the people? We had zones for dungeons, but anyone could walk in and it got crazy with all the trains and parties. It was such good fun.

    I miss Azeroth a lot lately, I just don’t miss the dungeons and some of the people.

  2. I think that’s why I don’t like doing low level instances, because there isn’t much else to do at 80 besides run instances.

    As for the people, well….. LFG is such a random experience. Every party seems to have at least one obnoxious person it in, which naturally takes away a lot of the fun.

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