Dustwallow March – Screenshot time

Dustwallow Marsh is one of my favourite places. Apart from having some of the most amazing sunsets and sunrises, it manages to mix being creepy with a brush of beauty. It’s one of those zones which can change completely as the sun goes down. Blue skies become tinged with pink and then dissolve into blazing scarlet before dulling down to midnight only to repeat the whole cycle again the next day.

If Blizzard ever get around to giving us player housing, I’d definitely have a summer house here hidden away in the marsh. I can imagine lazy days sat on the porch eating crocolisk gumbo and exciting nights hunting the crocolisks. Have to hope that come Cataclysm they don’t just drown the marshes under seven foot of water but instead allow the sun to keep those skies aflame.

The road looks almost welcoming bathed in the late evening sun, inviting the unwary to venture into the Marsh.

Red sky at night..

Later now, the last traces of the sun bleeds into the sky. The light is falling and soon Dustwallow will be dark.

See the pretty lights gleaming in the blackness but follow them at your peril. Will-o’-the-wisp never brought good fortune to anyone.

2 Responses

  1. Oh I’d love a house out there! Ah, player housing would be too cool in WoW. Great shots.

  2. […] I want to look at Duskwallow Marsh, a zone I’ve always loved even back in the days when the Alliance barely had any quests here […]

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