A is for Armoury and B is for Blogging

Reading Blog Azeroth because its far more fun than working, I noticed that this week’s shared topic was:

If you were given the option, would you post a link to your blog on your main’s armory profile?

Now given that I loathe the Armoury with a passion, I couldn’t resist answering. The only possible plus point would be to increase the number of people who are exposed to your blog, which could be a good thing.  However, what kind of people armoury you? Are they really the type of people you want discovering your blog?  I can think of four possible types of people who might be checking your armoury out.

  • If you apply to a guild, their officers and members will probably check it out  to  get a feel for the type of player you are. The majority of them would probably click on the link and that would probably be a positive outcome although you might not be able to post anything negative about the guild without waves of drama engulfing you.
  • People raidleading PuG groups wanting to make sure your gear/experience matches up. Would they have the time to read your blog? Probably not if they have a list of other people to check out.
  • Other players of the same class who maybe did a PuG with you and want to see what difference there is between your spec (gear/gemming/etc) and theirs.
  • People wanting to pick a fight with you. I suspect most of the people who have ever armouried me fall into this category. Whether its on the forums or in trade chat or after a particular fun PvP experience, they seem to go looking for something to criticise. Yes, calling me a girl because I have lots of mini pets must have made your defeat in WSG seem so much easier to take.

All four come with negatives but the last one on the list sums up why I really wouldn’t ever want my blog linked on my  armoury profile. From personal experience, the only people who seem to armoury me are those looking for a fight about something or other. So I really don’t wish to give them another source of ammunition, my big mouth seems to provide plenty of that in-game.

Why do I hate the armoury? I’m a fairly private person and I dislike the idea that people can go to a web page and discover so much about my characters. I realise that goes against the spirit of this blog, but everything on this site I’ve chosen to display/make public. I have the final say over it and anything I choose to say I put in context first (the latter being the most important part in my mind). Add in the fact that the achievement system isn’t infallible (for example the Spirit of Redemption bug which still hasn’t been fixed which stopped me getting credit for my Saurfang kill) and you end up with people making incorrect judgements about you. For example I got accused of ebaying because I was sporting a Val’anyr alongside a mediocre PvP set and had no real kills in Icecrown. So because I stopped raiding because my guild imploded, took a break from the game and then started to PvP… I get accused of buying a character. Yes the ensuing argument was quite something but it firmly cemented my loathing of the armoury.

I really don’t see why some random whose face  I just melted in Strand of the Ancients should be able to see exactly what I’m wearing, how many HKs I have and what loot I’ve grabbed recently. The fact that they are at all interested is another disturbing point that probably deserves its own topic. I realise that all that information is linked on my blog, but people who read this aren’t usually looking for an excuse to pick a fight over talent points.

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but I think WoW is one instance where armouries and writing should stay firmly separate.

After writing this, I now have an annoying song stuck firmly in my head. I was an Airforce brat and it went something like “A is for Armourer, B is for Armourer” and so on, implying that the Armourers weren’t the smartest human beings around. I suspect the moral of that story is never let your men babysit for your baby daughter.


2 Responses

  1. I agree with you – all the reasons you listed are why I definitely don’t want my blog linked on my armory. It would just garner attention from the wrong types of people.

  2. Which sadly says a lot about a vast proportion of the WoW community.

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