I’ve been trolled…

Something I read on MMO Champion last night upset me:

Vol’jin’s Darkspears settled in nearby Sen’jin Village, which they have since used as a staging point to attack Zalazane. Over the years, members of the Horde looking to test their worth have braved the Echo Isles to confront Zalazane, and many of them even returned victorious with his severed head. These victories, however, proved to be nothing more than an illusion created by the twisted witch doctor’s dark magic. Days after these trophies were taken to Sen’jin Village, they reverted to their true forms: painted rocks and coconuts adorned with wooden tusks, or even the heads of Zalazane’s enslaved trolls.

I feel rather stupid now. Couldn’t they have at least told me I was bringing home decorated coconuts? That way I could have gone and had another go. I mean I like the Echo Isles, any excuse to go and do a spot of paid sunbathing is good. Not to mention the little matter of honour and the like. Zalazane must have been laughing his real head off every time a bunch of so called heroes wandered off with a couple of bewitched rocks and a fancy coconut. I suppose it explains how one corpse can yield five fake heads though.

Wonder what the locals of Sen’jin village did with all those coconuts and fancy rocks. No doubt they are selling them to the Orcs and Taurens as a “Souvenir of Sunny Sen’jin”. After all I don’t see any mountains of tusky coconuts or decorated rocks lying around. Although the Gnomeling suspects that Zalazane sends his minions over undercover of darkness to steal them all back, a form of recycling if you will. Now that surely means a degree of complicity between the Echo Isles and Sen’jin Village. After the first head mysteriously turned into a fruit, the questgivers must have been a bit curious, by the hundred mark they must have known something dodgy was going on, but they keep sending people out collecting them.

Which finally raises the most disturbing question of all. We are going to invade an Island full of artisan trolls just trying to make a living painting stones and gluing pointy tusks to shells. Shame on you Vol’jin, shame on you.


4 Responses

  1. I killed Zalazane and all I got was this lousy coconut…

  2. Hey… it has pointy tusks stuck on, that makes it a tiny bit better than lousy surely.

  3. […] Nest on the absurdity of the magic coconut Echo Isles Zalzane […]

  4. We’re working for the bad guys! All along we thought we were killing an insane, evil troll traitor but in reality, the Horde just want us to steal a small trading islands cococuts!

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