Dark Iron Pillow fight

So there we were, semi bored of leveling. Level 49 with no where to go. Every zone we tried just had silver exclamation marks teasing us. Finally, tired of being turned away, we had to face facts. Whether we wanted to or not we were going to have to quest in the Searing Gorge. Even on the flight south, we could taste the dust in our mouths and with each beat of the wing which took us closer to Thorium Point our hearts sank lower.

Then running around picking up the quests we noticed something different. A female dwarf offering a quest! Something new in this depressing dump. You start out by stealing pillows, lots of pillows (which luckily spawn really fast) which of course the Dark Iron Dwarves take exception to.

The pillows are the white pillowlike objects perched on the really cute little dwarfen bunk beds.

Best cast bar description

Whilst you are stealing a bunch of sleepy dwarves will spawn, these can be ignored or aoed down. A few minutes later, another group will appear.  Then finally, the Chambermaid appears in all her glory. If the area is fairly empty of other questers you could go off and do the other quests in the Slag Pit because both the dwarf groups and the Chambermaid announce their presence with yells which can be heard even deep at the other side of the Pit.

She's got a lovely turn of phrase all things considered

Now one of the things we had been complaining about recently was the ease of questing. As two druids one could go bear and tank whilst the other just hurricaned as many mobs as we could gather. Our main issue was finding enough enemies to kill at once. So imagine our surprise when we were confronted by an elite 20k health female dwarf, eyes glowing madly. It’s a fairly easy fight for two people in heirlooms, but she has an annoying knock back so watch where you put your back. Once she’s down, a massive pillow will appear. Loot it and get a quest which sends you back to Thorium Point carrying a giant pillow and rewards a slow fall trinket with a 30 minute cooldown (useful for most classes in one way or another). The reward would be even better if it spawned a giant pillow for you to fall into, but alas it doesn’t.

Both quests count for the Loremaster achievement so if you did the Searing Gorge whilst levelling and now are looking for quests you missed in the Eastern Kingdoms.. there is a dwarf or two waiting for a pillow fight.


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