Dps wins the fame, Healers win the game?

I wish Blizzard would introduce a balancing system for Battlegrounds.

Not based on gear. Although I admit to growling when I see people running around with sub 16k health at this point in the game, especially when they are melee. My Priest has close to 30k and she’s a squishy priest wearing half PvE gear (actually she’s about as squishy as a rock but hey). Death Knights, warriors and the like should have more stamina. It goes with the territory just like waving a big sword does.

Now that Alterac Valley hands out honour and experience like candy at Carnival time, there is no excuse for brand new 80s to be wearing someone’s second hand dress they got from a quest a lv 72. My baby druid is already well on the way to being kitted out in the best shiny gear that honour can buy and she’s still 14 levels away from 80. By the time she dings for the final time, I expect to have a couple of pieces of il264 stuff sat in the bank. That’s before I even look at craftables for her. Which also raises the question, if you don’t like PvP enough to level through it, why are you inflicting your undergeared, non-gemmed and enchant lacking squishy presence on the rest of us? This is doubly true if you complain about the healing or lack of it when you wander into a zerg of 6 enemies. Keeping 16k alive against a group of lv 80s requires them to be geared as badly as you are (Yes, I’m feeling snarky – PvPing at teatime is impossible in my battlegroup) which is unlikely. This doesn’t mean I’m a bad healer, it means you are a waste of space.

Not based on skill. After all skill in battlegrounds is hard to quantify. Besides that PvP is one area of the game where practice makes perfect. That’s why my druid is attacking everything that moves whilst levelling. The more fights I pick, the more confident I am when someone goes for me. Plus PvP at lv 66 on a Moonkin with 425 engineering is just hilarious.  As long as people try to win and ideally have more than 16k health, I’m happy enough to play alongside them.

Not based on gear or skill or even experience, so what’s left?

I want Blizzard to introduce a balancing system based on spec/roll. Just as with the LFD tool, I want to be able to queue up as a healer or dps depending on my available specs. Why? Because having just done a plethora of battlegrounds in which we had more healers than dps, I’m sick and tired of trying to kill everything myself. Whilst on paper it might sound awesome, if the handful of dpsers you have can’t kill anything… you will lose. Battlegrounds with 8 holy priests, 2 holy paladins, 1 resto druid and 1 resto shaman are a disaster waiting to happen. That’s 12 healers out of possible 15 since we were in EoTS at the time. There are too many forms of crowd control and anti healing debuffs/interrupts plus manadrain/manaburn to allow a pure healing team to win. One or two healers on the opposing side can usually outheal healer dps plus most dpsers have a way of recovering their own health or escaping to eat. Then if you do manage to kill one or two, it took so long they are already ressed and heading back dreaming of revenge (after all no one likes being killed by a smite/shadowfiend combo).

Don’t get me wrong, I adore healing especially in the hectic world of PvP. I just would prefer teams that were balanced around a set number of healers and dpsers. Say for example in EoTS, you can have a maximum of 5 healers per team to 10 dpsers. Sure maybe one team ends up with 4 healers and the other with 2 but that’s better than one side having 12. Trust me on this. In a sense it’s just like PvE. You don’t take 15 healers to a 25 man raid because of enrage timers. Now the same logic applies to PvP. You need to kill people fast because burst is king. The side without the burst will lose more often than not. I think this is partly why every Strand of the Ancients I’ve done recently has been a draw, too many healers on both sides. So we all end up stalemated in a healing fest where no one dies and if there wasn’t a timer we would all still be there, trapped for eternity.


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