Picture Perfect – Darkshore

This week the screenshots come from Darkshore. I’ve always had a bit of a love hate relationship with this zone. My first impression when our very first little Nightelf got off the boat was one of dislike, too dark, too depressing. Compared to the tranquil Darnassus with its deep purples and almost golden haze, Darkshore had nothing to recommend it to me. That was five years ago, now when I wander through the trees, I see a completely different Darkshore.

Late evening in Auberdine

It’s as if a veil has lifted from my eyes, no longer does the zone look forbidding and dangerous. Instead I see a haunting beautiful landscape full of flowers.

The longest dock in Azeroth silhouetted against the moon. Having it destroyed by freak weather is a crime against Kalimdor beauty spots.

Finally and completely off topic, what is it with names these days.


Being just two of the charming named individuals we’ve encountered recently. Got to love PvP servers.

Talking of charming, the cutest thing in Azeroth has to be a cycloned bunny.


2 Responses

  1. Beautiful pics! I use to think it was depressing looking as well. It really does have a haunting quality about it.

    Wow those names- ROFL!

  2. Every battleground I do, I end up sighing in amazement at the names I see. For some reason, it bothers me most if they are priests, guess because I play one myself.

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