Alterac Valley revisited

There has been a lot of snow under the bridge at Dun Baldar since I last wrote about Alterac Valley.  Now that I’m levelling again, I thought I would return and see how things have changed.

Objectives that give experience:

  • Destroying towers/bunkers
  • Killing the opposing faction’s captain (either Balinda or Galvanger)
  • The safe return to your base of your Wing Commanders. More on them later.
  • At the end of the game, you also receive bonus experience for each objective you have standing. For example if you’re Alliance and you manage to defend Balinda and Icewing Bunker, you’ll get experience for that added on at the end.
  • Finally, winning the game gives the biggest experience gain of all.

The amount of experience changes from level to level as its based on a percentage of your current level size. The bigger the level, the more experience you get. Rough figures run from around 5k to 6k per tower/bunker at lv 51-60, to 14k in the 61-69 bracket. The maths can be found here if you want to work out the returns yourself.


When you hit level 51 an NPC in Ironforge or Orgrimmar sends you to your respective faction’s Alterac base in Alterac Mountains. There you can pick up one time only quests for the following objectives:

  • Capture a mine (the fastest way to capture a mine involves using the bottom entrance not the top).
  • Capture a graveyard
  • Capture a tower/bunker
  • Winning Alterac Valley itself. The rewards for this are good at lv 51ish  if you don’t have a heirloom weapon. The rewards can be seen here (the Alliance versions are exactly the same).

Just being close at hand when someone tags a graveyard/tower, awards you the quest. Also either mine will do as long as your faction doesn’t currently control it. The other quest is slightly different.

  • The Alterac Valley trinket quest.  The Horde version of this is called “Proving Grounds” and sends you into the yeti cave next to the Frostwolf base. The Alliance version, also called “Proving Grounds” sends you into the Harpy Cave. This rewards you with a trinket which can teleport you back to your base. You can’t use it indoors and it has a cast time but its useful for a fast return to defend.

At each reputation level, i.e honoured/revered and exalted you can upgrade your trinket. This upgrade also gives you experience based on your current level. You upgrade it at the same person who gave you the original quest.

Finally, the last quest in Alterac Valley is picked up inside the battleground. Loot enemy players and hand in armour scraps to either Murgot Deepforge/Smith Regzar (alliance/horde). You don’t need a quest to pick up the scraps and the first hand in you do nets you experience. For example you get 8460 at lv 52 although that number does scale as you level so you might want to wait a bit to get the maximum mileage.

Wing-commander locations:


  • Wing-commander Slidore resides at the foot of Tower Point.
  • Wing-commander Ichman can be found at the bottom of the West Frostwolf tower.
  • Wing-commander Vipore lives in the tent directly opposite Jotek in the bottom half of the Frostwolf base. It’s the second tent on the right.


  • Wing-commander Guse can be found on the top floor of Icewing Bunker
  • Wing-commander Jetzor hides out at the lumbermill overlooking Icewing Bunker. She’s in a shed with a couple of Alliance flying machines.
  • Wing-commander Mulverick lives in Dun Baldar’s North Bunker.

Strategy: All other 39 people on your side of an AV will have what they think is the definite winning strategy for AV. They may well be right, but in my experience there is no hard and fast way of winning. At the end it comes down to seeing which strategy the opposing team are trying and making sure you counter it. For example at the moment in our lv 71-79 bracket, the Horde are ignoring Balinda and ignoring defending their assets whilst trying to get our bunkers tagged fast. We on the other hand are killing Galvanger, tagging their towers and making sure we get at least one of our bunkers back. This means that the Horde lose a lot, next week however, no doubt they will be doing something entirely different and the balance of power will have swung again.

General thoughts.

  • If you tag a tower or bunker, don’t just leave it. Stay for the full 4 minutes and make sure you capture it.
  • If you tag a tower or bunker with a Wing-commander in it, spend two seconds clicking on them and sending them home.
  • At the lower end of the bracket, i.e. lvs 51-54, 61-64 etc, defending can be your best option. Making good use of the bowman in the bunkers/towers and los you can hold off a few attackers even if they are higher level. Elemental shamans, moonkin and any other class with a throw can also have fun here. Mindcontrol also works so Priests shouldn’t feel left out.
  • Feel free to ask for help defending or attacking assets.
  • If you are Alliance, don’t stand on the hill outside Drek’thar’s room if either of the Frostwolf towers haven’t converted yet. Get up a tower or watch the graveyard, do something useful. The same is obviously true for the Horde.
  • Download Deadly Boss Mods for their useful Battleground component which shows you timers for all objectives as well as lets you hand in armour scraps, storm crystals and the like without having to slowly click your way through the quests.
  • Remember the honour cap is still 75k. If you do a lot of AV’s to level, you will hit the cap before you hit 80 so keep an eye on your honour gains and buy an item before you hit the cap. You can buy items for 80 at any level as long as you have the honour.
  • Above all, though, have fun. PvP should be an enjoyable experience, even if you’re just grinding Battlegrounds for experience.


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