Even Trolls have feelings

I used to hate the Snowfall graveyard. Throw one heal and 6 Winterax trolls followed by Korrak the Bloodrager would swiftly be pounding your head through the ice.

I think I even did a little dance of glee when I heard he and his trolls had been retired.

Then there we were, two little druids playing in the amphitheatre of anguish, drinking and eating popcorn when suddenly like an icy blast from the past, Korrak confronted us.

For a brief nostalgic second, I felt sorry for the old chap. Imagine being kited around Snowfall on a daily basis, then put out to pasture wherever old trolls go (possibly to help Zalazane paint faces on coconuts?) before being dragged back into active service and beaten up in an arena.

Once we had finished the event, I got to thinking about the good old days of Alterac Valley. When you could go to bed at 2am and log back on at 2 pm to find them still playing the same game. When the Ice Lord and the Giant Tree would always be wandering about, chasing ram riders around. I hate the current AV. It’s not PvP, in fact PvP is strictly frowned on. If you’re PvPing you’re as good as botting say some of the geniuses in my battlegroup. Fighting is forbidden, in fact if you engage in any form of contact with the Horde, you’re as bad as Bob, the guy who took Iceblood Graveyard. The plan is simple, bypass anything with a red name tag apart from Drek’thar. In the 80 bracket no one even bothers with towers any more. Horde and Alliance ride past each other on the Field of Strife as they painlessly swap bases. The side with the best tank and healers win, in under 6 minutes. People after fast honour have made a mockery of my most loved Battleground. I really hope that come Cataclysm, Blizzard re-evaluate the battlegrounds and the way in which people play them. You know, so people actually have to PvP in them.

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