Sunday morning blues

Random thoughts are random
  • Happy Easter to those who celebrate it.
  • Unless my eyesight has deteriorated, there are no eggs in Terokkar this year. Sad druid is sad.
  • My favourite Alliance egg hunting zone at the moment is Dolannar. Check the bushes, especially around the graveyard which seems a little worrying. Zombie eggs?
  • My first attempt at making Simmel Cake for Easter turned out far better than I had hoped. Lovely and moist with a melted marzipan centre. Now I’m worried that I’m turning into my Mother.
  • You get too much experience from the Call to Arms: Warsong. At lv 77, you can get 150k for winning your first game of the day. Given that you can win in 10 minutes or so, there is no way questing can compete with that. Subsequent winning games net around 75k for winning. Bear in mind that this doesn’t include the experience you get for each flag. It’s just what is handed out at the end.
  • Given the Warsong thing, I’m so glad I’m levelling a druid. Ticking off Warsong Achievements really quickly at the moment.
  • Starfall is amazing for midfield ganking, especially if people are too busy trying to focus the warrior with 20k health who is being healed.

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