“You can’t take the sky away from me!”

I’ve been PvPing a lot on my druid recently and what with Call to Arms: Warsong Gulch coming up, I thought I’d finish up this quest chain for its reward (we might take flag running a little seriously yes). Although I haven’t managed to test it yet, because every paladin I’ve encountered so far doesn’t seem to have judgement of justice on their bars but that’s another story. This story isn’t about bad paladins, it’s about the Badlands which I hate almost as much as I hate paladins who can find judgement of justice.

So there I am, riding around the Badlands at 5am. The place is dead, not another soul in sight. Then the sun starts to rise over the mountains and suddenly..

I found serenity in the most unlikely place

The Badlands aren’t so bad after all. Sure the landscape is harsh and the quests still suck, but those trees are amazing.

Of course now I’ve discovered I like it, come Cataclysm it will be ripped into pieces and covered in ugly red lava but even then “[they] can’t take the sky from me”.

I may like “Firefly” yes.


3 Responses

  1. Mmm, Firefly!

    Great picture! I love looking at WoW through other people’s eyes!

  2. The sun shall be covered with smog from the lava! Yeah, I hate to see some of these zones go. I think they should just expand instead of removing/changing these areas. It makes the world feel even smaller.

    Lovely pictures.

  3. @Alas – Thanks
    @Kaozz – Hadn’t though of smog. Oh noes.

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