The Alt Dilemma

Right now, I’ve never felt closer to quitting this game. Every day I’m amazed at how many selfish ignorant people there are. I’m truly saddened by the dregs of humanity that choose to play WoW right now.

I do Forge of Souls this morning to help the Gnomeling start his Quel’delar chain. Everyone says Hi except the ret paladin. The first thing he says is to insult the warrior tank by implying I’m going to have my work cut out healing him. No they didn’t know each other.  At the end of the run, I politely say thanks for the easy run and get accused of sarcasm by three people…. it was an easy run, no one died or even came close to it and I hardly had to heal.

Do Warsong Gulch as a random battleground and have to listen to people bitching about the gear of others. Putting everyone down, spamming damage metres and calling those at the bottom names. I’ve never seen WSG taken so seriously. Watch as half the team reports the other half afk. We won, but was I glad to see the back of those people.

Then I swop to my druid, just hit 80 yesterday. Done some other battlegrounds with her and managed absolutely fine, in fact was close to the top on dps no problem. But this is what I’m confronted with this morning:

Now had it come from some awesomely geared Gladiator type, maybe. But coming from someone whose PvP gear is worse than my Priest…. no way. I’m sick and tired of ignorant little losers bitching and whining at others. I could understand it more if my health was sub 20k, but its not. There was a Mage there with less than 15k, did this righteous little prick have a go at him too?

Not sure whether I have the profanity filter on or not, but I’m guessing those *****s are meant to say whore. Normally I’d block out the charmer’s name, but he was the final straw so I’m leaving it up there. After all, we shouldn’t say things we aren’t willing for the world to see should we.

So from this morning’s encounters I’ve learnt new players or new characters aren’t allowed to do dungeons for gear nor PvP. So what exactly are people meant to do? Sure I get annoyed with people doing battlegrounds or dungeons with res sickness or 10k health but I don’t whisper them abuse about it. In the end I judge people on their performance, do they focus on objectives for example, not their gear.

I’m beginning to think I’m just too nice to play WoW. On my main I get accused of being an elitist jerk and on my alt, I’m basically bullied by elitist jerks or rather wannabe elitist jerks because really they have neither the gear or the achievements to be one (hey, maybe I can get the hang of being a total bitch to strangers after all).

Right now I don’t know whether to laugh, rage or cry.


8 Responses

  1. Gah, I’m not sure what response to have to this either – rage or laughter is probably safest.

    This kind of crap makes me *so* angry, every time I read about it.

    What is wrong with people.



    I hope you don’t really feel so close to abandoning Azeroth because of the dickishness of strangers – I have taken to hiding myself in pockets of good folks, and rarely venturing out into the dark, wider world of pugs and randoms.

  2. I’m just tired of the game all around, I think the community (*Snorts* what community…) was just the icing on the cake. Why stick around? There are greener pastures out there without all the crap.

    Don’t let it get to you though. I like to think there is a hell reserved for greifers *Evil laugh*… Then I think of how pathetic they really must be IRL to act like this.. and almost feel sorry for them. It must suck being that pathetic.

  3. Ugh. Sounds like a terrible series of events to have to deal with. I don’t know what the proper response is either. I know I would rage about it online and to my guild – and I know my guild would give me the boost I needed to remember that there are good and decent people who inhabit WoW.

    Don’t forget that dickish people like those are the most excellent use for an ignore button! I use mine with abandon.

  4. This sort of thing just… yeah, I understand about being too nice. The other day, a person used the “n” word in a group, and I was so shocked, I just DROPPED group. It didn’t even OCCUR to me to try to kick him. It was a gut reaction of flight “omg i need to get away from this person immediately and I’ll take my debuff, I don’t care, just eeek OUT OF HERE.”

    My best advice is to find a “buddy” to instance with. I usually ask in guild before I start an instance. I almost never get crap from people when I’m with 1-2 guildmates. I think that people are more respectful and slightly afraid when there are 2+ people who know each other in a group. I’ve been in groups where there were 2+ guildies (not my guild) and nobody else stepped out of line, so I gotta think that people are less likely to be jerks when they see a viable voting bloc already in place.

  5. This is exactly the kind of behavour my ‘Dear Idiots’ post was aimed at. I’m learning to blank it out, but sometimes you can’t. Had somebody whisper me in a battleground once and insult me because I’m a PvEr. Er.. what? PvErs aren’t allowed to pop into a BG once in a while? These are the people that just take the game too seriously and ruin it for those who are just trying to have a bit of fun.

  6. Yeah, I run many of my alts through their dailies as time permits.. and it can be staggering some days… just how bad things can be.

    I mostly instance with a buddy who also has a bunch of alts, or with other guildies…

  7. Thank you all for your kind words ❤

    @Tam – I doubt I'll quit over this, but it really hit home just how disconnected cross server battlegrounds/instances have made everyone. I'm unlikely to ever see any of those people again so what do they have lose by being jerks, nothing tangible.
    @Kaozz – I'm hoping there is a circle of Hell reserved for the person or persons responsible for inventing gearscore because that seems to be causing most of this. My Boyfriend downloaded it so we could see our gearscore a while back out of curiosity and after this, he enabled it on his druid. It seems that all these jerks are just using that number as they flick across you before a battleground starts to see if you're worthy of playing with them. I am not a number!
    @Alas – Yep, I know I need to use my ignore feature more often but I struggle to do so, partly out of good manners and partly because if they keep talking about me, I want to know what they are saying.
    @Zelmaru – Whilst I do play with someone (my boyfriend was in both battlegrounds and the instance), neither of our druids are in a guild although I suppose we could invite them to the shell of our dear departed raiding guild which might shut a few people up.
    @Jaedia – I've been griefed for having a legendary weapon (obviously ebayed), for having short hair on my nightelf and for having too many mini pets. People never fail to amaze me.

    I did a bunch of battlegrounds after writing this and everyone was fine. One WSG, a cheerful mage was "oh noes, we're going to lose because everyone has 22k health" but somehow we managed to prove him wrong. No bitching, no namecalling and some nice rogue actually whispered me to say thank you for healing him, which helped restore my faith in humanity a bit.

  8. This is what stole the joy of WoW for me, too, alas. I’d intended to work up some long-wished-for alts while giving my main a rest, but I realized that I’d have to wade through that kind of gauntlet, and thought, “I have plenty of stresses in real life. This is my play time, darn it.”

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