Thoughtful Fridays and Rabid Bunnies

Things I’ve learnt this week

  1. I really hate Strand of the Ancients. It’s the only game which can end in a draw, meaning you miss out on the whole point of Call to Arms/Random Battleground as draws don’t provide extra honour. This means if the first half goes bad for your team, half of them quit fighting because they would rather lose fast and grab the extra points. People not fighting in Battlegrounds unless they are on the opposing side, really annoys me.
  2. If you have a Call to Arms queue and a random queue for Battlegrounds, surely it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that if people ignore the Call to Arms bit, bearing in mind they miss out on extra honour, they probably don’t want to do whatever Battleground Call to Arms currently is. (Strand of the Ancients Call to Arms is enough to make even Mr Floppy a homicidal maniac).
  3. The only decent thing about Strand of the Ancients is running a two Boomkin defence team off the back of a demolisher. Although spamming mindcontrol whilst hanging off the back on a Priest also has it’s amusing moments. Especially if the opposing team are just tab targeting and manage to kill whoever you have as a minion.
  4. I’m actually beginning to dislike the whole random battleground queue in principle. There are some battlegrounds I really don’t enjoy too much or get stale fast when you’ve played 10 in a row. Pre random queue, you just picked whichever battleground you felt like at that point in time, now it’s a gamble every time. Streaks of the same battleground (Strand of the Ancients) over and over again. I’m trying to get exalted with the Arathi lot on my Priest, yet I hardly ever see Arathi Basin. Yes, I could just queue for Arathi but then I’m potentially missing out on 2k or there abouts honour per game.
  5. The Halls of Reflection are amazing. My favourite 5 man of this entire expansion. I especially love the end part, although that might just been a kinky response to being chased. If I were Jaina, not sure I’d have been hurrying too much with the whole destroying icy barrier thing.
  6. More people need to play female Orcs and Trolls. Dalaran on my server at least is full of around 50 percent Bloodelves. Even the once elusive female dwarves are easier to find.
  7. Haven’t seen a single Druid tank so far in any of the random Dungeons I’ve done.
  8. The Quel’Delar chain was awesome and lots of fun. Wish Blizzard would add more epic quest chains for things.
  9. Why is it that on my Priest when I PvP, there are a myriad of other healers and we end up slowly smiting things to death whilst the druid in treeform stands watching bored. Then I swap to my Druid and now I’m dpsing there isn’t a healer to be seen.

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